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Garini is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Garini can be found over at the Palmorae Ruins, located east of Lurelin Village at the north end of the Palmorae Beach. During the morning hours, Link will find a child named Zuta running around the village and he'll tell him about some cool ruins that he found over at the Palmorae Beach. Zuta will have Link follow him and will lead him to the ruins where Garini is located.[1]

A Fragmented Monument

Main article: A Fragmented Monument

When Link first talks with Garini, he will be in the stone, staring at a stone monument.[2] He is trying to decipher what is actually written on the stone monument.[3] Garini mentions that the stone monument was once much larger, but it broke apart after an earthquake and it is now missing some of its fragments. Garini will ask Link if he will help to find them, which will begin the Shrine Quest. He mentions that the fragments have an eerie glow to them at nighttime, making them easier to find and also suggests that one of them is right around here.[4][5]


  1. Have you heard? There's this really interesting spot at Palmorae Beach. I went there with Garini before, and it was so exciting! He said they were ruins or something. Hey, mister, are you interest in old stuff like that? - Zuta
  2. Hmmm... Ahhh! Sorry about that. I was in the zone. Did you need something? - Garini
  3. I was just examining this stone monument. This place has a very...spiritual aura to it. Do you feel it? I recently realized that there is writing engraved on this stone monument... So now I'm trying to figure out what exactly is written here. - Garini
  4. Ah, so you're the curious type, too. This stone monument was once much larger, but it broke apart during an earthquake a while back. If you really want to help, help me find the missing fragments, will you? They'll be scattered all around. I think the fragments had the same kind of script carved into them... If you find a fragment, please dray a picture of it and bring it to me. I'll be here finishing my examination of this stone monument! ...Oh, right. And the words on the stone monument glow with an eerie light at night... That should make them easier to find. One of them should be right around here. Please find that first! - Garini
  5. Yeah, they're kind of hard to spot... But the letters on the stone glow with an eerie light at night... You mught want to try searching for them after the sun's gone down. - Garini