Palmorae Ruins

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Palmorae Ruins

Palmorae Ruins is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The Palmorae Ruins are a location found east of Lurelin Village at the north part of the Palmorae Beach. While wandering around Lurelin Village, Link will run into a young child named Zuta who will talk about the Palmorae Ruins. Link is able to follow Zuta to the east, who will lead him to the ruins.

A Fragmented Monument

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If Link speaks with Garini at the ruins, this will begin the A Fragmented Monument shrine quest. Link will need to find the three Monument Shards in the area and take pictures of them with his Camera (Rune). One fragment is located just to the east, at the north end of the Palmorae Beach. A second fragment can be found at the southwest portion of the Palmorae Beach, near a bunch of rocks. A third fragment is found over at the very tip of Soka Point.

After capturing pictures of all three, Link can show them to Garini, who will then decipher the message. Link can then kneel down on one of the pedestals, with Garini kneeling on the other, causing the Kah Yah Shrine to appear.

Kah Yah Shrine

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On the left side of the shrine, Link will need to carry a barrel through obstacles towards a switch at the other end of the room. To do this, Link will need to shift side by side on the moving platform: going left on the first wall, putting the barrel down on the middle wall, and going right on the last wall. When the switch is pressed, Link can run back and open the chest, which unlocks a Small Key. Interacting with the locked gate at the end of the room opens the path to Kah Yah.

A similar puzzle is found on the other side of the room, this time with Link needing to shoot Arrows at a switch to raise and lower three gates while putting the barrel on the platform. After passing through the first gate, which is (at spawn) unlocked, Link needs to shoot the switch on the right to unlock the second gate, then, after passing through, turn back and shoot at the switch to unlock the third gate. When Link puts the barrel onto the switch, he can then open the chest with a Royal Broadsword.

After completing the shrine, Link will meet with Kah Yah at the altar to get a Spirit Orb.