Lookout Landing

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Lookout Landing is a settlement in Tears of the Kingdom, constructed on the location of the Sacred Ground Ruins.

Tears of the Kingdom

Lookout Landing oversees Hyrule Castle and is where Purah can be found observing the gloom coming from the Castle. When Link regains access to the surface, the To the Kingdom of Hyrule Main Quest is launched, and Link must see Purah at Lookout Landing to complete it.

Lookout Landing Skyview Tower

Main article: Lookout Landing Skyview Tower

The Lookout Landing Skyview Tower can be found in the north-west of the settlement, and is the first of the Skyview Towers that Link can activate. As part of the Crisis at Hyrule Castle main quest, Link will work alongside Purah and Josha to activate the tower.

Emergency Shelter

Main article: Emergency Shelter

The Emergency Shelter is a bunker located underneath Lookout Landing. Link is able to enter the shelter by speaking with Scorpis, who is guarding the center of the landing. Down in the Bunker, Link will find beds to sleep in, a Cooking Pot, a Goddess Statue, and numerous people who are taking shelter. Later, he will be able to access the Royal Hidden Passage through it.

Lookout Landing Well

Main article: Lookout Landing Well

The Lookout Landing Well can be found at the northeast part of the Landing. Down the well Link will find numerous Brightbloom Seeds, as well as a treasure chest that contains a Royal Claymore. Fera later goes there in her study of wells.

Lookout Landing General Store

Main article: Lookout Landing General Store

The Lookout Landing General Store is run by Mubs and can be found at the east side of town. While it sells Apples and Arrows, its main attraction is the full Hylian Set. It later sells torso pieces for other sets of armor.

Mini Stable

Main article: Mini Stable

A Mini Stable opens in Lookout Landing on completion of The Incomplete Stable side quest. As a "Mini" stable, Link can only board and take horses he owns; and must visit a full-service stable for any other business.