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Sebasto‎‎ (Father)
Kiana (Mother)
Zuta (Brother)

Kinov is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Kinov lives in Lurelin Village with his father Sebasto, his mother Kiana, and his bother Zuta. Kinov's parents live in the first hut north of the pathway, near the entrance to the village. Where as Kinov and his brother will sleep in the second hut, that is just to the east. Each morning, Kinov will wake up at 5am and will head over to just outside his parents' hut. He will sit down on the ledge there, where he spends time with his mother, who is doing the laundry. His favorite dish is Seafood Paella and each day, he hopes that his mother cooks it for dinner.[1]

At 3pm, Kinov will head over to the Cooking Pot to have dinner with the rest of his family.[2].[3].[4] He will remain there until 9pm, at which point he will head to bed alongside his brother.

What's for Dinner?

Main article: What's for Dinner?

As part of the What's for Dinner? side quest, Link will be talking to Kinov's mother, Kiana, and she is not sure what she wants to make for dinner. Kinov will jump into the conversation, urging her mother to make some Seafood Paella. Her mom will agree to do so, but she is missing some ingredients. She tasks Link with helping him get some Goat Butter and a Hearty Blueshell Snail. After providing these ingredients, Link will be rewarded with a Silver Rupee and this will complete the side quest. Kiana will also give Link a plate of her Seafood Paella.



  1. I hope Mom cooks seafood paella tonight! - Kinov
  2. Mommy, I'm hungry! Can you cook some more food? - Kinov
  3. I'm gonna go have dinner! Tonight's dinner is seafood paella! - Kinov
  4. My mommy's food is the best! - Kinov