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Sebasto from Tears of the Kingdom







Kiana (Wife)
Zuta (Son)
Kinov (Son)

Sebasto is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Sebasto lives in Lurelin Village with his wife Kiana and his two sons, Zuta and Kinov. Sebasto and Kiena lives in the first house north of the pathway, near the entrance to the village. Their two kids will sleep in the adjacent hut to the east. Sebastian works as a fisherman and can be seen walking around with his Fishing Harpoon.

Sebasto will give Link some tips about fishing and searching for treasure. In particular, he states that if Link ever sees a bunch of fish gathered around by a reef, it's worth checking out, as there could be treasure hidden there.[1]

Sebasto wakes up each morning at 5am and will patrol the beach that is just in front of his hut. At 5pm each evening, Sebasto will head over to the Cooking Pot outside his hut where he will eat dinner with his family. Sebasto will comment on the dinner as he really enjoys the taste of the fish. He compliments himself about how good he is at catching fish.[2] At 9pm, his wife will send their children off to bed, and then he himself will head to bed after 10pm.[3]

Kiana and Sebasto have a dog that lives near their hut. Whenever it is raining, the dog will hide underneath their hut, so he doesn't get wet. If Link feeds the dog and befriends it, the dog will lead Link to a treasure chest located just northwest of Kiana and Sebasto's hut, which contains a valuable Star Fragment.

Take Back the Sea

Main article: Take Back the Sea

When Link first talks to Sebasto, he talks about how the fisherman of Lurelin Village are in a bit of a bind. Monsters have taken over some of the best fishing spots, including that around the Aris Beach. Nowadays it's very dangerous to go there, as the place is completely overrun by monsters.[4] Sebasto would take care of the monsters himself, since he has a family to look after, it is not worth risking his own life.[5] He tasks Link to take on the mission and if he agrees, this will begin the Take Back the Sea side quest.[6]

After traveling to Aris Beach, Link will encounter a variety of enemies, including Red Bokoblin, Blue Bokoblin, Black Bokoblin, and a Blue Moblin. It's a good idea to take out the archers from a distance first, before then tackling some of the melee enemies. After defeating all the enemies, Link can open the treasure chest to get a Knight's Halberd. Link can then return to Sebasto at Lurelin Village to give him the news. As a thanks for taking care of the enemies, Sebasto will give Link a Silver Rupee.

Tears of the Kingdom

Sebasto can be found at the Rabella Wetlands, where he and his family have fled to after Pirates have taken over their home town of Lurelin Village.[7] The group has set up camp and Sebasto can be found looking in the direction of Lurelin Village. He gives Link directions to visit the village, but warns him that it is very dangerous. Some of the villagers that stayed behind would have sent word if it was safe to return.[8][9]



  1. Aris Beach is a great place to fish! Tons of fish, and even a couple of little secrets... Check this out: if you see a bunch of fish gathered around a reef, sometimes you can find treasure hidden there... - Sebasto
  2. I sure know how to catch 'em! - Sebasto
  3. Well, we're going to bed. Come back tomorrow. - Sebasto
  4. You a traveler? I'm a fisherman of this village, but we're in a bit of a bind lately. Monsters have taken over the best fishing spots. You use to be able to pull in a good haul at Aris Beach, but these days you'd be lucky to leave there with your life. You look pretty tough. Think you could go take care of them? - Sebasto
  5. Believe me, I'd love to...but I have a family to look after. I can't be risking my life. If I had it my way, I'd be out there skewering those monsters with this harpoon. - Sebasto
  6. Remember, it's called Aris Beach. The monsters have set up shop there. Stay sharp. - Sebasto
  7. "It's not often that we see travelers make their way out here. Then again, everyone has their reasons for going places. It's not as though we ended up here by choice. Do you know Lurelin Village? We used to live there." — Sebasto, Tears of the Kingdom
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  9. "If the pirates were gone and it was safe to return to Lurelin Village, we'd know. The head of the village, the others who stayed behind—they'd have sent word. But if you've got a death dish... Go straight down this road to the southeast... The place is off toward the sea. If you want to go to Lurelin Village, use the signs along the road to guide you there. With those pirates around, though, I'd recommend you stay far away." — Sebasto, Tears of the Kingdom