Take Back the Sea

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Take Back the Sea




Kill the monsters on Aris Beach


Take Back the Sea is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Sebasto in Lurelin Village to begin the quest. Sebasto lives in the first hut just north of the path when Link enters the town. During the daytime he can be seen patrolling the beach and in the evening, he sits down by the Campfire outside his house.


Monsters have overrun the Aris Beach, one of the prime location to fish for residents of Lurelin Village. Sebasto has tasked you with clearing out all the enemies at the beach. Aris Beach is located a bit southwest of Lurelin Village, on the southwest side of the Tuft Mountain.

When Link arrives he'll find a number of Red Bokoblin archers. It's a good idea to get rid of the archers first, as they can be annoyance, as well as quite dangerous as one of them wields some Fire Arrows. Then defeat the Blue Bokoblin, Black Bokoblin and Blue Moblin. After all of the enemies have been defeated, open the treasure chest that unlocks to get a Knight's Halberd.

After defeating all the enemies, return to Lurelin Village and speak with Sebasto. As a thanks for taking care of the enemies, he will reward you with a Silver Rupee, which will complete the quest.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Lurelin Village is a fishing village, but the residents have been distressed lately. The fisherman Sebasto in particular is in a bind because a group of monsters have built an encampment right on Aris Beach-the best fishing spot for miles around.

Defeat the monsters on the beach so the village can resume its regular fishing.
You defeated all the monsters occupying the encampment on Aris Beach!

Go tell Sebasto the good news.
The monsters that once occupied the encampment on Aris Beach have been dispatched, and the village's regular fishing operations have resumed.