Uten Marsh

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Uten Marsh is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Uten Marsh is located a bit northwest of Lurelin Village and west of Keya Pond. The Marash is a good location to find some Courser Bee Honey, as there are beehives on a number of the trees in the area. There is a treasure chest near the large tree at the south part of the marsh that contains five Ice Arrows.

The Three Giant Brothers

Main article: The Three Giant Brothers

The Uten Marsh plays an important role in The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest. Sleeping in the center of the pond is the Hinox (Middle Kin), a Blue Hinox. The Hinox has an Ancient Orb around its neck that Link must collect and then bring it back to the pedestal located to the east. When Link brings back the orbs from the Rabella Wetlands and Hanu Pond as well, this will complete the shrine quest, revealing the Tawa Jinn Shrine.