Keya Pond

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Keya Pond

The Keya Pond is a mountainous area in Breath of the Wild.


The Keya Pond is located a bit north from Lurelin Village and southwest of Ebon Mountain. It was a small forest area with very shallow water. There is very little vegetation grown here, outside some Hylian Shrooms on the outskirts. There are some Rugged Rhino Beetles and Energetic Rhino Beetles on some of the nearby trees that Link can collect. There is some bird wild-life in the area with Bright-Chested Ducks seen swimming on the shallow water, as well as some occasional Blue-Winged Herons. At nighttime, there are some Stalkoblins that will appear.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Remove apples from the tree with many to have it match the other two.

One tree has too many apples, make it look like the other two.

In a cave with Luminous Ore, blow up the boulders and pick up the small rock behind them. the cave can be found next to the big tree.

Blow up the boulders, pick up the small rock.