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Ralera (Daughter)
Rhodes (Son-in-law)

Rozel is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Rozel is the head of Lurelin Village, where he lives at the house just south of the path when Link enters the village. He has a daughter named Ralera, who recently got married and moved off to Hateno Village.[1] If Link has met Ralera already, he can tell Rozel that he did so and that she's doing fine.[2] Rozel also lives with young man named Numar, who could be Rozel's son. Rozel was once a fisherman at Lurelin Village, during his younger years. He's now retired, but does suggest to Link to try out the fish, as they are fresh and delicious.[3]

As the head of the village, Rozel knows a little bit about everything that is going on and will share this information with Link when asked.[4][5][6] Link can ask Rozel about Eventide Island out to the east. Rozel tells him that there are some legends about the island, which has caused some of the village fishermen to avoid heading to the island whenever possible.[7]

Link can also ask Rozel about some old ruins, found east of the village. Rozel says that if you travel to the Palmorae Beach, you'll find some old ruins and that Link should speak with one of the children, Garini, as he knows a bit more about the ruins.[8]

Rozel wakes up bright and early each morning at 5am, before then heading out to the dock, found just southeast of his home. Although when it is raining outside, he will remain inside his hut, until the rain stops. Rozel will often comment about the weather, whether it's sunny or rainy.[9][10][11] At 10pm each evening, Rozel will head back home to go back to sleep.[12]

While it is raining outside, Rozel will talk about the All or Nothing treasure chest game that is in town, which is run by Cloyne. While Rozel tells Link that the gambling game can be fun every once in awhile, he advises Link not to get too crazy about it, as he can lose all of his savings.[13][14]

Sunken Treasure

Main article: Sunken Treasure

After talking to Rozel about the village, Link will be given the option to talk to Rozel about the ocean. Rozel will tell Link that there are tales passed down about a sunken treasure in the ocean around the village. Rozel would take a look for himself, but as he's grown old, he no longer has the young pair of legs or strong back to do those kind of things. He asks Link if he'd like to look for the treasure in his stead.[15]

The clue that Rozel gives to Link is that The treasure sleeps in the center of the golden triangle. Rozel will then offer to lend Link his Raft, which can be found tied up right at the dock.[16]


  1. Are you a traveler? Welcome to Lurelin Village. I'm Rozel, I'm the head of this village. I have a daughter. She got married and went to Hateno Village recently. I wonder if she's doing well. - Rozel
  2. Yes! Ralera! She's doing well? That's good to hear. - Rozel
  3. Lurelin Village is a fishing village. When I was younger, I used to be a fisherman myself. The fish here are fresh and delicious! You should try some at least once. - Rozel
  4. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about local things. - Rozel
  5. All right. If you think of anything else to ask, come on back and talk to me. - Rozel
  6. It isn't a large village, so take your time looking around. - Rozel
  7. The large island in the sea to the east of the called Eventide Island. There are some legends about that island, so the village fishermen tend to avoid it whenever possible. - Rozel
  8. If you walk east from the village and keep going for a bit, you'll end up at Palmorae Beach. There are some old ruins there. One of the youths from the village, Garini, goes there often to poke around. If you're interested, you should go see them. Garini should be able to tell you a lot more about them. - Rozel
  9. What nice weather. It's a fine day to go out to sea. - Rozel
  10. It rains pretty often around here. You should definitely be careful if you're planning on going out to sea. - Rozel
  11. It's a shame that it's raining. - Rozel
  12. I'm going to bed now. If you need something, please come back tomorrow. - Rozel
  13. There are some fisherman here who amuse themselves with a treasure-chest game, too. - Rozel
  14. That's right. Cloyne runs a shop where you can test your luck in his treasure-chest game. It's fun to try every once in a while, but definitely don't go crazy with your savings. - Rozel
  15. There are tales passed down of sunken treasure in the ocean around here... I would look for it myself if I were a bit younger, but I've grown old... But you look like you have a young pair of legs and a strong back. Do you want to go look in my stead? - Rozel
  16. I couldn't be happier to hear it. Now, according to the old tales... "The treasure sleeps in the center of the golden triangle." Oh, by the by, do you happen to have a boat? If not, I can lend you my raft. It's tied up at the wharf. Help yourself. - Rozel