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Rhodes (Husband)
Rozel (Father)

Ralera is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Ralera lives in Hateno Village with her husband Rhodes at the far southeast part of town. The two of them take shifts, working as watch guards over the windmills of Hateno Village. Each morning at 5am, Ralera will wake up and head up the road to a stool found near a tree.[1][2] Ralera will stay here until 9pm each evening, where she will then head back home to go to bed.[3]

Ralera is originally from Lurelin Village where she lived with her father Rozel, who is a raft fisherman. Her husband is from Hateno Village and the two have not been back to Lurelin Village since their wedding.[4] Ralera describes Lurelin as a small fishing community to the south, beyond the Bridge of Hylia.[5]

Ralera loves to take in the nice breeze while at work.[6] However, she comments that the air quality and view are a bit different in Hateno than it is over in her hometown of Lurelin.[7]

Ralera looks over the windmills in Hateno during the daytime, stating that she is a bit freewheeling about it, not being very particular. Her husband on the other hand, is very particular, as the windmills need to turn at the right speed to grind flour.[8] Ralera will also guide Link towards the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, which is located further up the hill. She mentions that the director lives up there, although Ralera has never seen her in all the time that she has lived in Hateno Village.[9]

Tears of the Kingdom

Ralera can be found in Hateno Village and she seems saddened. Her hometown of Lurelin Village has been suffering under constant pirate attacks and it's almost entirely destroyed. Almost all of the villagers have since fled the village. She's concerned about the villagers and their homes, including her father, the head of Lurelin Village.



  1. It'll be time for work soon. I have a lovely job that lets me sit here, watch the windmills, and feel the breeze in my hair. - Ralera
  2. I'll be starting work soon. Are you wondering what I do? Heehee... I'll tell you all about it once I can sit. - Ralera
  3. I'm sorry, but I should go get ready for bed now. - Ralera
  4. Lurelin Village is a small fishing town on the south side of the Bridge of Hylia. I haven't been back there yet since I moved here after the wedding. I wonder if Father is still healthy enough to go raft fishing... - Ralera
  5. It's a small fishing community far to the south. I lived there before I moved here with my new husband. We had to cross the Bridge of Hylia to get here, weighted down with everything I couldn't bear to leave behind. Thinking back on it, it's a wonder either of us survived the trip... - Ralera
  6. What a nice breeze... It doesn't carry that tang of salt on it, though. - Ralera
  7. Oops! I forgot we just met. I was reminiscing about my hometown of Lurelin Village by the sea. The view and the air are different here in Hateno Village, but this is where my wonderful husband calls home. I count myself lucky to be able to live and work alongside such a wonderful, loving man. - Ralera
  8. I take care of the windmills during the day in place of my husband. The windmills have to turn at the right speed, or we can't grind the flour! My husband is very particular when it comes to our work. But I take a more freewheeling attitude toward it. - Ralera
  9. Oh, you've noticed these, have you? It's apparently one of the lanterns that the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab's director lights with the blue flame... But if there's still a director there, I've never seen her. Not even once since moving here after my marriage. If you're curious, why not head up the road and pay a visit to the director? - Ralera