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Breath of the Wild
Akkala Bridge Ruins
Tears of the Kingdom
Outskirt Stable

Nell is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Nell can be found south of Akkala Citadel Ruins, fighing a Blue Moblin. When the monster is defeated, Nell tells Link about the failed battle against the Guardians that took place 100 years ago. Like himself, some of his kin were Hylian Soldiers; Nell recounts that he learned some of them fell during the decisive battle for Akkala Citadel. This prompted him to go there and pray for them. However, the presence of active Guardians has him stay clear of the former Citadel itself, since he's never heard of anyone escaping their sights.

Tears of the Kingdom

Despite the massive recruitment effort for warriors, Nell has been drawn to a different calling: the Zonai Survey Team. He finds himself stationed at Outskirt Stable.


  • Nell is one of only three Hylian Soldiers in Breath of the Wild, alongside Hoz and Savelle. In Tears of the Kingdom, he and Savelle have both joined the Zonai Survey Team, leaving Hoz as the only remaining Soldier from this trio.