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Fisherman/Gambling Addict




Numar is a character that appears in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Numar is a villager of Lurelin Village who lives in the hut just south of the main path when Link enters town. He is usually found outside his house when it's raining, or patrolling the beach when it is not, wielding a Fishing Harpoon.[1] When Link first arrives at the village, he thinks that he has come to go sightseeing. He tells Link about the Lover's Pond, found up on Tuft Mountain to the west, as many people come to this special place to find true love.[2][3][4] He lives in a hut with Rozel, the chief of Lurelin Village.

Numar tells Link that he recently became addicted to gambling, but he ran out of money.[5] He asks to borrow 100 rupees to play the chest game in Cloyne's casino.[6][7] Although he makes it a point to say that if lucks fails him, he won't be able to pay Link back.[8] If he wins, he gives Link 1,000 rupees back. [9] If he loses, he has nothing to give Link and feels a bit down on himself that he is broke.[10]

Numar will wake up each morning at 7am, before then heading outside. He patrols the area all day long, heading back home each evening at 10pm.[11]


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