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"Lover's Pond is a heart-shaped pool close to the summit of Tuft Mountain. It is said that one can find their true love by venturing there, so it has many visitors. There is a similar pond on Ebon Mountain in Necluda shaped like a broken heart."

Creating a Champion, page 331
Lover's Pond




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Lover's Pond is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Lover's Pond is a heart shaped lake atop Tuft Mountain in the Faron Province. It is a location where, it is said, one can travel to find true love. Within the pond itself there is a treasure chest, which contains a Throwing Spear.

It is the counterpart to a similar pond which is located on Ebon Mountain, just south of Hateno Village. The pond there is shaped like a broken heart and the Hylian Mimos has mistaken that pond for the Lover's Pond.

A Gift of Nightshade

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Near Lover's Pond there is a Hylian named Wabbin and a Gerudo named Perda. They are standing on opposite sides of the lake and both have arrived, looking for their true love. Wabbin is in love with Perda, and once Link chats with him, this will begin the A Gift of Nightshade quest. Link will need to bring Wabbin a Blue Nightshade and then deliver it over to Perda to complete the quest.