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Mimos is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

He can be found walking back and forth at the top of the Ebon Mountain, near the small pond. The pond on top of the mountain is in the shape of a broken heart. Mimos is here searching for his soul mate, but has mistakenly gone to the wrong pond.[1][2] Mimos believes the small pond to be Sweetheart's Pond, but that pond is actually located at the peak of Tuft Mountain, located just west of Lurelin Village.[3]

Despite facing the disappointment that his soul mate is not going to be arriving, Mimos still keeps a clear head, stating that his mom always said he could anything he put is mind to.[4] Link suggest to Mimos that perhaps he should visit a different pond, such as the one on top of Tuft Mountain, at which Mimos is considering that maybe that could work.[5]


  1. You here to meet your soul mate too? - Mimos
  2. Where's that special someone I've been waiting for? Is this a sign? Should I put myself out there more? - Mimos
  3. Yeah, same. There's just one problem... Nobody's shown up yet. I thought this was the "sweetheart's pond" everyone talks about, but maybe I'm in the wrong place? - Mimos
  4. Are you trying to cheer me up? Because don't worry about me! My mom always said, "You can do anything you put your mind to, Mimos." Anyway, what about you? Putting your faith in some silly legend won't make the ladies come calling! - Mimos
  5. Hmm, hmmmmm... You really think that'll help? - Mimos