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Wabbin (Love Interest/Husband)
Aaqlet (Daughter)

Perda is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Perda is a Gerudo who travels over to Lover's Pond, located just southwest of Lurelin Village in search for her true love. When Link approaches her, at first Perda thinks that Link is her true love, but then quickly realizes that is not the case.[1] Perda is waiting for her true love but seems disappointed that the only other person here is a strange man who is standing on the other side of the pond. Perda comments that Wabbin across the pond occasionally looks at her, but then quickly looks away. She doesn't think he seems so bad, but she's aware that he's nervous about making the first move.[2]

A Gift of Nightshade

Main article: A Gift of Nightshade

After talking to Wabbin across the pond, he will profess his love for Perda, but he doesn't quite have the courage to make the first move. He wants to have a Blue Nightshade with him to give to Perda. However, he doesn't have one with him, and will task Link within finding one.[3] This begins the A Gift of Nightshade quest.

After Link brings Wabbin a Blue Nightshade, he will be delighted, but then asks Link if he can deliver it to Perda.[4][5]

After delivering the flower, Wabbin and Perda will get together, having a rather awkward conversation as Wabbin is still very nervous. Perda realizes that Wabbin his her destiny and tells him to that he should make his move and ask her on a date.[6][7] Wabbin misunderstands what Perda says, and thinks that Perda in fact asked him on a date. He is delighted and emphatically agrees. He turns and thanks Link by giving him a Red Rupee. Although after Perda questions Wabbin about being a bit frugal, Wabbin will then give Link a Silver Rupee.[8]


  1. Sav'aaq. I didn't think I'd meet you during a downpour... Are you... Could you be the voe I am destined to meet? No... No, I don't think so. But then... This IS the pond of legend, is it not? The one where a person finds true love? Yet all I see right now is that strange voe on the other side of the pond. Could I be at the wrong one? - Perda
  2. Well, that voe over there doesn't seem so bad, but...I was always told not to make the first move. But all he's doing is looking over here, then quickly looking away. Does he have no idea what to do next? - Perda
  3. I decided long ago that when I meet the girl of my dreams, I'll hand her a blue nightshade and confess my love! If I had a blue nightshade, I'd head straight over to that woman... I mean, imagine her and a blue nightshade... That's make a beautiful scene. Don't you think? - Wabbin
  4. I can't tear my eyes away from her... I want to talk to her, but I don't have anything worthy of being a gift. If only I had blue nightshade... Ahh, the smell of it... I can almost imagine it right now. It's so clear, almost's... Wait, do you have some blue nightshade on your right now? Please! You must give me that flower! It couldn't be more important! - Wabbin
  5. Thank you!!! This is so perfect! It's exactly what I needed! Ohh la la! AH... I just... Ugh. When I look at her, my legs freeze up. My throat goes dry. I...I can't do it. Please, could you take my gift to her? - Wabbin
  6. Your true love... So this is what they call destiny... You're the voe that destiny has chosen for me, then? All right! Go ahead and speak your piece! - Perda
  7. You know, something like, "I like you," or, "Please, go out with me!" - Perda
  8. Oh, wow! Did you hear that?! She said she likes me, and she wants to go out! This is the first time anyone has ever said they like me, and for it to come from the woman of my dreams... This is such an amazing feeling... I'm so glad I was born into this world... There's no way I can truly thank you, but please take this as a token of my thanks. - Wabbin