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Chessica is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Chessica works as the manager of the Fishing Resort, the local Inn found within Lurelin Village. She works behind the counter and will remain their day and night. When Link approaches Chessica, she thinks that Link must be tired from his long journey and asks if he'd like to stay at the inn. Chessica offers Link a normal bed for 20 Rupees, or a special Fluffy Bed for 40 rupees.[1] If Link chooses not to stay, Chessica will encourage Link to come stay some other time.[2]


  1. Welcome! You must be tired from your long trip. Do you want to stay? A normal bed would be 20 rupees. If you want to sooth your body and soul, I can offer you the fluffy bed for 40 rupees. - Chessica
  2. I see... Come stay with us some other time, then! - Chessica