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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Lakeside Stable and Lurelin Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Kakariko Village

Letty is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Letty is a traveler who makes her from the Lakeside Stable, traveling eastward across the Floria Bridge and all the way to Lurelin Village. Letty is very temperamental and has random mood swings.[1][2]

Letty is often talking about food, in particular the fish and fruit of Lurelin Village. She is excited to add them to her diet.[3] She mentions that the fish from Lurelin are pretty fatty and thus, makes them delicious then they are grilled.[4][5] Letty mentions that whild meat fishes are great for recovering health, fish dishes can be pretty good for their special effects.[6] Letty likes to experiment with cooking and wants to gain knowledge on different recipes.[7][8][9]

Letty will arrive at Lurelin Village and will stop at the Fishing Resort where she will sit down on the floor and rest for a short awhile. After resting momentarily, she will turn around and begin heading back to the Lakeside Stable. While near Lurelin Village, Letty will talk about the Palmorae Ruins, found east of the Lurelin Village, near the coastline.[10][11] She also mentions that Link can take a boat and head east of Lurelin Village to sail out to Eventide Island.[12][13]

While passing through the Atun Valley, just north of Tuft Mountain, Letty will comment about Lover's Pond, located just to the south. She is surprised the pond is actually shaped like a heart.[14]

Letty wields a Traveler's Sword and Hunter's Shield. If any Stalkoblin appear on the path, she will get concerned, but she will raise her shield in defense.[15] If Link defeats the enemies surrounding Letty, she will thank him and give him a reward, which could include a Fairy Tonic or Mighty Fried Bananas.[16]

Tears of the Kingdom

Letty can be found at the Ring Ruins in Kakariko Village. She is there with Totsuna, looking into a small portion of the ruins. Letty would like to visit the larger ruins, but Princess Zelda said no one is allowed to go anywhere near it. In the meantime, she wants to take some of the fragments from a smaller portion and sneak them away.

Once the two notice Link's presence, they are at first worried, but realize he is not a part of the Zonai Survey Team. The two want to join the team, but have made little progress due to Letty's desire to look at everything. After the small ruin they are currently near, they want to visit the five stone slabs located across Kakariko Village.



  1. People often tell me that I can be a bit temperamental. That...doesn't mean I'm getting sick or anything... - Letty
  2. Hey! Do you think I'm...temperamental? You do? You don't? Do you?! You think I've got random mood swings, huh?! Er, sorry... - Letty
  3. What is it? Oh, just thought you'd come and talk to me, then? Well, I'm on my way to Lurelin Village. They say the fish and fruit there are really fantastic, so I thought I'd go there and add them to my diet! - Letty
  4. Here, I'll share some nice info I came across as my form of apology. The fish in Lurelin Village are pretty fatty. As a result, I hear they're incredibly delicious when you grill them! - Letty
  5. The fish in Lurelin Village are pretty fatty... That means they're unbelievably delicious if you grill them! Are you glad I was here to give you such a great tip? Of course you are! - Letty
  6. Meat dishes are really great for helping you recovery your health. Fish dishes can contain pretty-special effects, though! - Letty
  7. I think I'm gonna try and cook a bunch of different dishes! It's always good to know a ton of different recipes! - Letty
  8. Have you had a lot of success cooking fish or fruit dishes? You haven't ended up with dubious meals while you're learning new recipes, have you? - Letty
  9. Oh, hey! Hey! Have you got a second? I wanted to ask... Are you good at cooking with fish or fruit? You've had a lot of success combining those ingredients, right? - Letty
  10. What now? Whaddya want? *grouse* I don't have any food for your belly, but I do have some food for thought... Apparently, there are ruins on the coast near Lurelin Village! That's all! Did you get all that? It was pretty short, after all. - Letty
  11. What? You want to hear the helpful info I gave you again? The really short info? OK... Apparently, there are ruins not too far from the coast near Lurelin Village! That's it! - Letty
  12. If you take a boat and head east of Lurelin Village, you can get all the way out to Eventide Island! Ha! Such a sudden revelation, I'd expect nothing less than for you to make that face! - Letty
  13. If you hop on a boat and head east of Lurelin Village, you can get to Eventide Island! - Letty
  14. Lover's Pond, which they say is to the south... And it's literally heart shaped, which was surprising to me...but I don't know what I expected. - Letty
  15. Oh, geez... How'd I get myself into this mess... - Letty
  16. Uh-I think I've got really bad luck! I've got to give you a reward, huh... - Letty