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Travels the road between the Highland Stable and the Lakeside Stable

Totsuna is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Totsuna is a traveler who is searching for the dragons that she has heard so much about.[1][2] She enjoys gazing at the sky and scenario of the area, stating how the clouds above Lake Hylia sometimes look like dragons, and how the scenery of Faron is perfect for the legends.[3][4][5]

She will travel day and night, but she pays closer attention at nighttime, as other travelers have claimed that they spotted a dragon at night.[6][7] Totsuna tells Link that if he shoots an Arrow at a dragon, he can collect a scale, although she incorrectly has the knowledge that it has the ability to heal any kind of sickness.[8]

Totsuna is constantly running while on the road near the Highland Stable, as pathways in the region are full of monsters, making it rather dangerous to traverse.[9] When monsters do appear, she will run and try to take cover.[10] If Link is around and defeats the monsters, Totsuna will thank him and reward him with an Electro Fruitcake or some Sneaky Veggie Rice Balls.[11] If Link saves her again at a later time, she will give Link a Blue Rupee.[12][13]

Totsuna will travel from the Highland Stable, walking north along the path to the fork in the road, before then heading east all the way to the Lakeside Stable. Here she will stop and rest before then turning around and heading back west to the Highland Stable. At anytime if it starts raining, Totsuna will run for cover, waiting for it to stop raining.[14]

While near the Lakeside Stable, Totsuna will guide Link eastward to Lurelin Village, where she gives high regards for the fish that are found there.[15] While at the stable and near Lake Floria, she gets a strange feeling, and it is the feeling that she imagined she'd get if she were near a dragon.[16] This is likely due to the close proximity to Farosh, who appears around Lake Floria.



  1. What? Me? My name is Totsuna. I'm a huge fan of pretty much anything and everything related to dragons! - Totsuna
  2. I've been compelled to wander the land, searching for the dragons I've heard so much about. Let me tell you, though... This region is full of monsters and is quite dangerous. It would be wise to pass through quickly. - Totsuna
  3. If stand on the shore of Lake Hylia and gaze up at the sky, sometimes the clouds look just like dragons! - Totsuna
  4. The scenery of Faron is just so perfect for the legends surrounding dragons. It all but confirms their existence! - Totsuna
  5. I might not be showing it outwardly, but I'm really quite excited. This place just supports dragon theory so well! Lightning in the sky... Rivers winding through the landscape... Almost like they were carved... Faron is amazing! - Totsuna
  6. According to travelers who've spotted a dragon, they all say they saw the dragon at night... - Totsuna
  7. I want to see one in person, not just in my dreams... Oh! I was just talking about dragons... People who've claimed to have seen a dragon have said that the dragon appeared to them at night... - Totsuna
  8. They say if you shoot an arrow at a dragon, you'll get a scale that can heal any kind of sickness... - Totsuna
  9. This area is a dangerous region full of monsters. It'd be wise to pass through quickly, before you're attacked. - Totsuna
  10. If only these monsters didn't exist, I could just take a nice, peaceful trip... - Totsuna
  11. Were you injured? Here... This is a thank-you for saving me. - Totsuna
  12. If I were to get injured here, I might not be able to continue my travels... Here... This is a thank-you for saving me. - Totsuna
  13. The monsters... Looks like there's still some left. - Totsuna
  14. It's always so rainy along the Faron Highroad... It's enough to make travelers like us cry, isn't it? - Totsuna
  15. If you keep following the Faron Highroad east, you will reach Lurelin Village. The fish there are just so good. - Totsuna
  16. I had a strange feeling when I was near Lake Floria... It felt exactly like how I'd imagine being near a dragon would feel! - Totsuna