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"The Rito's home village hangs from the sides of a giant stone pillar that stretches up from the center of Lake Totori. Airy abodes and shops constructed from lumber are affixed to the side of the column and connected by a spiraling staircase. The upward construction of their village is unique to the flight-capable Rito, and there are many other aspects of Rito Village that are inconvenient to the other races of Hyrule, so they get few visitors."

Creating a Champion, page 305
Rito Village

Rito Village is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. The village is built vertically on a wooden frame and walkway spiraling around a large pillar in the center of Lake Totori. It is a home of the Rito tribe.

Breath of the Wild

Main article: Rito Village (Breath of the Wild)

The village is under siege by Divine Beast Vah Medoh up in the sky. The Rito are not able to freely fly as they once were able to, instead needing to fly at lower elevations so that they are not attacked by Medoh. The Divine Beast has caused all the villagers to live life a bit more uneasy. The various business is not thriving well, the children of Rito are not partaking in their singing exercises, and many of the residents are injured or are off missing. This leads Teba and Harth to head out to deal with it only for the latter to be hurt while Teba escapes to the Flight Range to prepare to attack again.

After Link arrives and receives information from the villagers with them being the elder Kaneli and Teba's wife Saki, he joins forces with Teba, despite his initial reluctance until he tests him, to destroy Vah Medoh's cannons to disable the barrier that deters intruders. Teba couldn't join Link on his mission to restore Vah Medoh due to suffering a burn on his leg from the lasers and leaves for the Flight Range. After Link defeats Windblight Ganon, the source of Vah Medoh's abnormal behavior, Revali relocates Vah Medoh to the rock spire to set sights on Hyrule Castle where Calamity Ganon resided. These events have allowed the Rito to resume their normal lives and fly freely without fear of ever being attacked again.

Tears of the Kingdom

Main article: Rito Village (Tears of the Kingdom)

In Tears of the Kingdom the atmosphere of Rito Village has completely changed, as it is now covered in snow and Cold Resistance clothes need to be worn to walk around. This is due to a blizzard that has hung over the area, created from a large storm over the area. Many of the Rito have survived, but have had to scavenge for food and no longer receive customers from outside the Village. Speaking to Teba and Tulin begins the Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest, through which Link and Tulin reach the Legendary Stormwind Ark, and rid the area of the blizzard.

After the blizzard has subsided the adults return to the Village. Many return to manage the stores they own, while the kids still help to run them. Others try to clean up the Village and restore it back to normal conditions.