Rito Village (Tears of the Kingdom)

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Rito Village is a location found in Tears of the Kingdom. The village is built vertically on a wooden frame and walkway deck walkway spiraling around a large pillar in the center of Lake Totori. It is a home of the Rito tribe.

During Blizzard

The atmosphere of Rito Village has completely changed from Breath of the Wild, as it is now covered in snow and Cold Resistance clothes need to be worn to walk around. This is due to a blizzard that has hung over the area, created from a large storm over the area. Many of the Rito have survived, but have had to scavenge for food and no longer receive customers from outside the Village.

Kaneli is no longer the Rito Elder, having passed that title and duty to Teba. The Rito children are attempting to manage the Village itself, while the adults are trying to find food and figure out why the storm exists. Tulin is fighting with his father Teba, asserting that he can deal with the storm cloud himself. Tulin flies off to deal with the storm himself, which begins the Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest.

During the blizzard, Kotts is running Swallow's Roost, Cree is running The Slippery Falcon, and Kheel is running the Brazen Beak. Genli trying to make food but doesn't have the ingredients; talking to her begins the Genli's Home Cooking side quest. Molli is trying to make an invention for her arrows, but does not have the necessary Ice Fruit. Talking to her begins the Molli the Fletcher's Quest.

The Gatakis Shrine is located in the Village, replacing the Akh Va'quot Shrine from Breath of the Wild.

After Blizzard

After the blizzard has subsided the adults return to the Village. Cecili is running Swallow's Roost, with Kotts still helping make beds. Misa is running The Slippery Falcon, with Cree helping to advertise the business. Nekk is running Brazen Beak, with Kheel helping outside.

If the Genli's Home Cooking side quest was not completed earlier, Genli will have realized what he needs, but still cannot obtain it and needs assistance. Notts is patrolling the village to see if the snow damaged anything. Laissa is trying to remember a cave she had once seen; speaking to her will begin The White Bird's Guidance side quest. Bedoli is managing the food and supplies for the village, and remembers that Huck was supposed to bring more food. Speaking to him will begin the Fish for Fletching side quest. Molli is still coming up with new ideas and inventions. Saki is keeping Kaneli's living area clean.

Teba can be found with Tulin in an upper living space. Teba is now without a Bow after giving his to Tulin; he offers to make Link one. This will begin the Legacy of the Rito side quest. Tulin is pondering a riddle that Harth gave him about the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring. Speaking to Tulin will begin the Treasure of the Secret Springs side quest.

Swallow's Roost

Main article: Swallow's Roost

The Swallow's Roost is an Inn located at the lower level of Rito Village. The inn is initially run by Kotts, who manages it while Cecili is away. After the blizzard disappears, Cecili returns to manage it, while Kotts makes the beds. The inn offers a standard bed for 20 rupees, as well as a Rito-down bed for 50 rupees, which will give Link three yellow Temporary Hearts, as well as a full Temporary Stamina wheel.


The Slippery Falcon

Main article: The Slippery Falcon

The Slippery Falcon is a general store that sells some general groceries as well as weapons. It is initially run by Cree while Misa is away during the blizzard, though Misa returns after the blizzard dissapates. Cane Sugar and Goat Butter can both be found in the shop, which cannot be found in the wild.

Brazen Beak

Main article: Brazen Beak

The Brazen Beak is an armor shop that sells the full Snowquill Set. It is initially run by Kheel while Nekk is away. The three items in the set cost a total of 2150 rupees. When worn, each item will give Link Cold Resistance, allowing him to travel to the colder Hebra Mountains.

Nearby Side Quests

Nearby Shrines