Swallow's Roost

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Swallow's Roost





Cecili (Innkeeper)
Verla (Greeter)




Swallow's Roost is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Swallow's Roost is an Inn, located at one of the lower elevations in Rito Village.[1] It is the very first point of interest as Link begins climbing up the village. Link can stay in a regular bed for 20 rupees, sleeping until morning, afternoon, or night, which will replenish Link's health.[2] Alternatively, Link can sleep in a Rito-down bed for 80 rupees, which will replenish Link's health, give Link three single yellow Temporary Hearts, and also a full Temporary Stamina wheel.[3]

The Spark of Romance

Main article: The Spark of Romance

Link can find Jogo within Swallow's Roost, who is on vacation with his wife Juney. He wakes up at 5am each morning and stares out in the distance until 9pm. When Link speaks with him, this will begin The Spark of Romance side quest. He wants to cook a Baked Apple for his wife, but he is in need of some Flint. Simply give him one Flint and he will reward Link with a Silver Rupee, completing the quest.


  1. This is Swallow's Roost, Rito Village's premiere-and only-inn. A standard bed will run you 20 rupees. A Rito-down bed will cost you 80 rupees. - Cecili
  2. All right. I will wake you up at noon. Pleasant dreams. - Cecili
  3. The Rito-down bed is made using only genuine Rito feathers. I will warn you-sleep a night on this bed, and you will never want to sleep on a stable bed ever again! Should you not wake up full of energy in the morning, I'll eat my own tailfeathers! GUARANTEED! - Cecili