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Jogo (Husband)

Juney is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Juney can be found at Rito Village, where she has traveled too with her husband Jogo. Juney does not like Rito Village and is constantly complaining to her husband that it is just too cold and that there is not too much to do.[1] This has caused her husband to worry that their marriage might end in divorce. To make it up to her, Jogo wants to cook some Baked Apples for Juney, which are her favorite. This is part of The Spark of Romance side quest that Link can complete by giving Jogo some Flint.

Juney stays with her husband at the Swallow's Roost each night and wakes up at 5am. After waking up she will walk up to one of the higher decks of Rito Village, near the village elder. She remains there until 9pm before heading back to the inn to go to bed.[2]

The Apple of My Eye

Main article: The Apple of My Eye

After talking to Juney, she will notice that Link is a Hylian. At that point she wonders what Link is doing in a place like Rito Village.[3] Her husband brought her here on a honeymoon but she hates it. Other places in Hyrule like Gerudo Town sell jewelry, and Zora's Domain has a bunch of weird fish-like people. At Rito Village though, Juney just wants to go home already.[4][5]

Juney is so upset and even though her husband has already apologized, she has told him that if he doesn't want a divorce, he better bring her a Baked Apple.[6] This will begin The Apple of My Eye side quest.

Link can acquire a baked apple by dropping an Apple near a campfire. Link doesn't want to cook it in a Cooking Pot, but instead, just let it bake near a campfire inside. Bring the baked apple back to Juney and she will immediately sniff it out.[7] If Link agrees to give it to her, she will reward him with a Silver Rupee.[8] This will complete the quest.

After completing the quest, Link can still give Juney more baked apples. She will pay 5 rupees for each Baked Apple. If Link has more than five at a time, she will pay 30 rupees for five of them, which comes out to six rupees a piece. If Link has ten baked apples, she will pay 70 rupees, which comes out to seven rupees a piece. If Link has 100 apples, she will pay 1200 rupees, which comes out to 12 a piece. [9][10]



  1. I always liked the simple nature of this village. Although, I'm starting to regret choosing it as my honeymoon destination... It's really cold here and there's not much to do, so my wife is complaining nonstop. She won't even talk to me right now. Oh, man. If this doesn't work, she's going to divorce me for sure! I need to make some baked apples to keep my wife happy... But I don't have any flint to start a fire... - Jogo
  2. SO tired... - Juney
  3. Morning, morning! Whoa... I just realized that you're Hylian! You just wandering around Hyrule? Trying to find yourself? - Juney
  4. I'm here on my honeymoon. But this town is seriously a hole. In Gerudo Town, they've got jewelry to buy. Zora's Domain is always a hoot with all the weird, spiritual fish people... But here...I just want to go home already. - Juney
  5. Heyyyy... Let me tell you... This village is straight up BOOOOORING. - Juney
  6. Give me a break already! I can't believe my husband brought me here for our honeymoon... He already apologized, but if he doesn't want a divorce, I told him he'd better bring me a baked apple. - Juney
  7. Heyyyy... *sniff sniff* I know that smell! You've got a baked apple! Can I have one? I'll give you a present! - Juney
  8. You serious? Cheers! Just hold out your hand. - Juney
  9. Now if I could only get my husband to cook me a baked apple every one in a while. I've got a second stomach and a hollow leg for baked apples. Bring me as many as you possibly can. - Juney
  10. The more you bring me, the more I'll pay you for each one. - Juney