The Spark of Romance

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The Spark of Romance



Speak with Jogo at Swallow's Roost in Rito Village


Give Jogo Flint


The Spark of Romance is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Jogo at Rito Village to begin the quest. Jogo can be found staying at the Swallow's Roost inn, which is the first business as Link begins to scale Rito Village. Jogo is awake from 5am until 9pm each day and stares out of the East window all day.


Jogo is trying to save his marriage and needs to cook a Baked Apple for his wife, Juney. However, he needs some Flint so that he can start a fire. Flint is a fairly abundant resource in the world, most commonly found in Ore Deposits all throughout Hyrule, mainly located along cliffs. Simply give Jogo one flint to complete the quest and he will reward Link with a Silver Rupee.

After completing the quest, Jogo will continue to purchase some Flint from Link in bulk, although at a much lower price:

Flint Rupees Rupees per Flint
First 1 100 100
10 70 7
30 250 8.33
50 500 10
100 1200 12

Adventure Log

Step Description
Jogo is in Rito Village on his honeymoon, and he wants his new wife's favorite treat: baked apples. The snag in the plan so far is that he has no fire to bake with.

Bring Jogo some flint so he can light a fire.
You gave Jogo, who is honeymooning in Rito Village, some flint and received a tidy sum of rupees in return.

Jogo is planning to feed his wife as many baked apples as he can cook. He'll gladly take all the flint you're willing to deliver.