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Baked Apple
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Recovers ¾ of a heart


A Baked Apple is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

"Direct heat has softened and sweetened this apple. Eat it to restore three quarters of a heart."

Breath of the Wild in-game description

A Baked Apple recovers ¾ of a heart, and can be obtained by placing a Apple over an open flame.

One can be found early in Link's quest, right after he exits the Shrine of Resurrection. There is another located near the Old Man who is sitting next to a campfire. Link can grab the Baked Apple, but the Old Man will jokingly yell at Link. Alternatively, Link can speak with the Old Man first, who tells Link he can have the Baked Apple. Another Baked Apple can be found at the Woodcutter's House, at the south end of the Great Plateau.

The easiest way for Link to make Baked Apples in bulk is for him to release regular apples in volcanic regions, such as within the Eldin Tower region. If the temperature is high enough, the apples will quickly turn into Baked Apples.

The Apple of My Eye

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In The Apple of My Eye quest, which given to Link by Juney, Link will need to bring her a Baked Apple. When Link does so, he will be rewarded with a Silver Rupee. After completing the quest, Link can sell Baked Apples to Juney for an increasing amount of rupees, depending on the quantity he sells. Thus the more Baked Apples Link sells, the more rupees he can earn.

Item Rupees
Baked Apple x1 5
Baked Apple x5 30
Baked Apple x10 70
Baked Apple x30 250
Baked Apple x50 500
Baked Apple x100 1200

Tears of the Kingdom

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A Baked Apple recovers ¾ of a heart, and can be obtained by placing a Apple over or next to an open flame.