Unobtainable Meals in Tears of the Kingdom

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Meal List

In Tears of the Kingdom, there are some meals that are in the code, but cannot be obtained via normal means. The following is a table of all the theoretical combinations of meals in the game, and whether or not they can actually be obtained.

Note: There are no possible Fireproof, or Sticky meals, as the only ingredients which give those effects make Elixirs, not meals.
Meal Icon Biting Bright Chilly Electro Enduring Energizing Hasty Hearty Mighty Scorching Spicy Sneaky Stormy Sunny Tough Warding
Mushroom Skewer - TotK icon.png
Meat and Mushroom Skewer - TotK icon.png
Fish and Mushroom Skewer - TotK icon.png
Meat Skewer - TotK icon.png
Fish Skewer - TotK icon.png
Seafood Skewer - TotK icon.png
X X X X X X X [1] X X X X X
Copious Meat Skewers - TotK icon.png

All Obtainable Meals Proof

This Section is temporary, and is only used to verify certain meals. When this page is finished, this section will be removed.


  1. Used to be obtainable in Breath of the Wild, but Hearty Blueshell Snails were removed in Tears of the Kingdom.