Dark Soup

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Dark Soup is a meal found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A gooey soup built on stewed dark clump. One could get lost in its swirls and flavors."

Tears of the Kingdom in-game description

Dark Soup can be made in a lit Cooking Pot from Dark Clump, Tabantha Wheat, Fresh Milk, Goat Butter and an ingredient with a conflicting effect, such as Ice Fruit. Cooking a Dark Clump, Tabantha Wheat, Fresh Milk and Goat Butter together will yield Warding Dark Soup, so a fifth ingredient is needed to cancel out the Warding effect. There is no benefit to doing this.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
1 or more
1 or more
1 or more
1 or more
Ingredient with an Effect
1 or more

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