Roasted Carp

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Roasted Carp
Roasted Carp.png



Recovers 2½ Hearts


"Roasting this freshwater carp helped to suppress some of its stench, making it easier to stomach. You can really sink your teeth into the thick, meaty flesh."

— In-Game Description

The Roasted Carp is a type of food found in Breath of the Wild. It heals 2½ hearts.


In order to get it, Link has to start a fire and put any carp on it until it becomes a Roasted Carp. It cannot be obtained by cooking one piece of carp in a Cooking Pot. An alternative method to obtain it, is to go to Death Mountain in the Eldin Region and drop a piece of carp on the floor, and because of the temperature it will become a Roasted Carp. It can also be randomly dropped by defeating Hinoxes.