Breath of the Wild Food

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Raw Food

Raw Meat.png Raw MeatMeat obtained from animals in plains and forests. You can eat it raw, but cooking it will make it more delicious and nutritious.
Raw Prime Meat.png Raw Prime MeatA fresh, high-quality piece of animal meat. This stuff isn't easy to come by, so savor it. Cook it to recover more hearts.
Raw Gourmet Meat.png Raw Gourmet MeatThis prized cut of meat is usually from a large animal. Any connoisseur would rank this tender, juicy cut of meat "gourmet." Expect an exquisite meal when cooking with this.
Raw Bird Drumstick.png Raw Bird DrumstickThis meat is tougher and chewier than a standard steak. Tastes better cooked.
Raw Bird Thigh.png Raw Bird ThighA high-quality piece of meat that's hard to come by. You can eat it raw, but cooking it first will recover more hearts.
Raw Whole Bird.png Raw Whole BirdThis prized meat can be obtained from certain birds. It gets full points for flavor, nutrition, and volume. It pairs perfectly with other ingredients or can be enjoyed alone.

Frozen Food

Icy Meat.png Icy MeatA frozen slab of animal meat. If you can manage to chew it up and swallow it, you'll restore some hearts and lower your body temperature.
Icy Prime Meat.png Icy Prime MeatHigh-quality, frozen animal meat. Doesn't restore many hearts, but it can lower your body temperature.
Icy Gourmet Meat.png Icy Gourmet MeatThis raw gourmet meat has been frozen for easy traveling. It's kept its flavor through the freezing process. Eating it as is will provide a temporary boost to your heat resistance.
Frozen Bird Drumstick.png Frozen Bird DrumstickIt's as hard as a rock but is supposedly edible. It restores a small number of hearts and has a cooling effect.
Frozen Bird Thigh.png Frozen Bird ThighHigh-quality, frozen bird meat. It's so solid it looks like it could be used as a weapon. Eating it will restore some hearts and cool you down, but don't break your teeth on it.
Frozen Whole Bird.png Frozen Whole BirdThis raw whole bird may have been frozen solid, but its flavor remains intact. Eating it will provide a temporary boost to your heat resistance.
Frozen Bass.png Frozen BassThat's one cold fish. Eating it won't restore many hearts, but it will lower your body temperature a bit.
Frozen Hearty Bass.png Frozen Hearty BassThis hearty bass has been frozen by cold air. Eating it will be a challenge because it's frozen solid, but if you persevere, it will temporarily increase your heat resistance.
Frozen Trout.png Frozen TroutBeing frozen has condensed the taste of fish inside this trout's body. Eating it will provide a temporary boost to your heat resistance.
Frozen Hearty Salmon.png Frozen Hearty SalmonThis salmon doesn't taste quite as fishy because the excess fat has been removed. It's exceptionally cold, so eating it provides a temporary boost to heat resistance.
Frozen Carp.png Frozen CarpThe crunchy, icy texture of this chilled carp is quite the delicacy. Eating it will temporarily increase your heat resistance.
Frozen Porgy.png Frozen PorgyThis frozen porgy is the ideal snack for hiking through hot climates like the Gerudo Desert. Eating it provides a temporary boost to your heat resistance.
Frozen Crab.png Frozen CrabDoesn't provide as much companionship as an unfrozen crab, but it won't spoil during your travels. Eat it to gain a temporary boost to your heat resistance.
Frozen River Snail.png Frozen River SnailThe distinct glow of this sneaky river snail has diminished after it's been frozen, but eating it like this will provide a temporary increase to your heat resistance.
Icy Hearty Blueshell Snail.png Icy Hearty Blueshell SnailIt takes a skilled chef to get the meat out of this frozen hearty blueshell snail. Eating this will provide a temporary increase to your heat resistance.

Cooked Food

Seared Steak.png Seared SteakRaw meat cooked over an open flame. Cooking it has increased its flavor and the number of hearts it provides.
Seared Prime Steak.png Seared Prime SteakRaw prime meat cooked over an open flame. The outside is perfectly browned, while the inside is mouthwateringly juicy.
Seared Gourmet Steak.png Seared Gourmet SteakThe highest quality raw gourmet meat, just kissed by an open flame. No additional seasonings have been added, which lets the natural flavor of the meat really shine.
Roasted Bird Drumstick.png Roasted Bird DrumstickRaw bird drumstick that's been cooked to a crisp, skin and all. It's devoid of seasoning, but it has a simple, accessible taste. Restores more hearts than the raw variety.
Roasted Bird Thigh.png Roasted Bird ThighPrime meat that's been flame-seared to perfection. The outside is crispy, but the inside is juicy. Eat it to recover hearts.
Roasted Whole Bird.png Roasted Whole BirdThis raw whole bird has been tickled by an open flame to bring out its flavor. Less is more, as the lack of additional seasoning allows its natural taste to shine.
Roasted Bass.png Roasted BassA bass that's been cooked whole over an open flame. It's flaky and savory smelling. Offers more hearts than the raw version.=
Roasted Hearty Bass.png Roasted Hearty BassAn open flame has crisped the skin of this hearty bass to perfection. It's a sizable portion and contains just the right amount of fat to create an exceptionally tasty dish.
Roasted Trout.png Roasted TroutThis trout can be found all over Hyrule. Served river-to-table, it's simply cooked for a soft and flaky flesh with a mild flavor.
Roasted Hearty Salmon.png Roasted Hearty SalmonA fresh hearty salmon roasted simply over an open flame without any additional flavoring. Not only is the skin edible, but it gives off a rather nice aroma as well.
Roasted Carp.png Roasted CarpRoasting this freshwater carp helped to suppress some of its stench, making it easier to stomach. You can really sink your teeth into the thick, meaty flesh.
Roasted Porgy.png Roasted PorgyThe soft and fluffy texture of this seafaring fish has been enhanced by roasting it over an open fire. The crisp, aromatic skin is particularly delicious.
Blackened Crab.png Blackened CrabA whole crab slow-roasted in its shell. The soft, flaky flesh pairs nicely with the scent of the charred shell for a meal that assaults all five of your senses in all the best ways.
Sneaky River Escargot.png Sneaky River EscargotSneaky river snail roasted whole in its shell. The meat is soft and a little chewy. Pulling all the meat from the shell in one go fills you with a sense of accomplishment.
Blueshell Escargot.png Blueshell EscargotThe shell of this hearty blueshell snail acted as a tiny slow cooker as it was roasted. Some people love the trademark bitterness of its tail meat.
Campfire Egg.png Campfire EggRoasting a bird egg whole in its shell like this helps retain water, making the egg a bit chewier than usual.
Hard-Boiled Egg.png Hard-Boiled EggA bird egg boiled using water from naturally occurring hot springs. It's popular among children and is easy to make.
Baked Apple.png Baked AppleDirect heat has softened and sweetened this apple. Eat it to restore three quarters of a heart.
Baked Palm Fruit.png Baked Palm FruitThis palm fruit was broiled with direct heat, resulting in steamed flesh inside the rind. Best served at the moment the juices emerge while roasting.
Roasted Wildberry.png Roasted WildberryThis wildberry was prepared over an open flame to alter its sweet taste. It recovers more health than if eaten raw.
Roasted Hearty Durian.png Roasted Hearty DurianThis hearty durian was roasted whole inside its hard shell. Unfortunately, roasting it did nothing to remove its distinct odor. Eat it to recover a lot of hearts.
Roasted Hydromelon.png Roasted HydromelonThis hydromelon was roasted whole for a very soft and flaky inner flesh with a rather intriguing flavor. Now this is your money melon!
Charred Pepper.png Charred PepperA pepper that's been gently caressed by an open flame. It's much less spicy now.
Roasted Voltfruit.png Roasted VoltfruitThis voltfruit from the Gerudo Desert has been charred to really bring out its sweet and sour flavors.
Roasted Lotus Seeds.png Roasted Lotus SeedsFlame-roasted fleet-lotus seeds. Peel the skin back to get to the soft and flaky center.
Roasted Mighty Bananas.png Roasted Mighty BananasThese mighty bananas have been roasted whole. Cooking them through has turned the fruit inside into a sticky, rich, aromatic syrup.
Baked Fortified Pumpkin.png Baked Fortified PumpkinThis fortified pumpkin has been roasted whole. The hard rind serves as a container for the steamed pumpkin flesh inside.
Roasted Acorn.png Roasted AcornAn acorn cooked with direct heat. Its nutty aroma has been amplified.
Roasted Tree Nut.png Roasted Tree NutA tree seed roasted to amplify its fragrance. Gives more hearts than the raw variety.
Roasted Radish.png Roasted RadishA roasted hearty radish. Fragrant and warm, it has no special effect but will restore hearts.
Roasted Big Radish.png Roasted Big RadishA roasted big hearty radish. To take such a precious vegetable and put it to the fire is decadent in a way.
Roasted Mighty Thistle.png Roasted Mighty ThistleLightly toasted mighty thistle. It has no special effects, but now that it's been grilled, the pointy ends go down smooth.
Roasted Armoranth.png Roasted ArmoranthSimple, roasted armoranth. The heat has frayed the hard, chewy fiber just enough to make it easy to eat.
Roasted Swift Carrot.png Roasted Swift CarrotA fragrant swift carrot that's been lightly roasted. It doesn't have any special effects, but it will restore some health.
Roasted Endura Carrot.png Roasted Endura CarrotThis flame-kissed endura carrot makes for a truly extravagant single-item dish. The fire really brought out its sweetness.
Toasty Hylian Shroom.png Toasty Hylian ShroomA Hylian shroom toasted to perfection. The taste and fragrance are amplified, restoring more health to its consumer.
Toasty Endura Shroom.png Toasty Endura ShroomA toasted endura shroom. It doesn't grant any special effects, but boy is it tasty!
Toasty Stamella Shroom.png Toasty Stamella ShroomThis toasted stamella shroom doesn't grant any special effects, but it will restore a bit of health.
Toasted Hearty Truffle.png Toasted Hearty TruffleA hearty truffle with a toasted, crispy outside and a warm, gooey inside.
Toasted Big Hearty Truffle.png Toasted Big Hearty TruffleThis big hearty truffle has been roasted whole. It gets full points for aroma and nutrition. Eat it to recover a lot of hearts.
Toasty Chillshroom.png Toasty ChillshroomA fully roasted chillshroom. It's evenly toasted and tastes a lot better than when eaten raw. Eating it will restore a bit of health.
Toasty Sunshroom.png Toasty SunshroomIt's always a good idea to keep a fully roasted sunshroom or two on hand just in case. Eat it to recover a bit of health.
Toasty Zapshroom.png Toasty ZapshroomIt's not very shocking that this fully roasted zapshroom is delicious. Eat it to recover a bit of health.
Toasty Rushroom.png Toasty RushroomA rushroom that's been put to the torch. It may have lost its speedy properties, but at least it tastes good now.
Toasty Razorshroom.png Toasty RazorshroomA razorshroom that's been exposed to direct heat. Its sharp exterior has softened considerably. Restores a bit of health.
Toasty Ironshroom.png Toasty IronshroomAn ironshroom exposed to an open flame. Its once-tough exterior is now crunchy and tasty. Restores a bit of health.
Toasty Silent Shroom.png Toasty Silent ShroomA whole, toasted silent shroom. High heat may have destroyed its soft glow, but it's now fragrant and tasty.