Meat Pie

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Meat Pie
Meat Pie - TotK icon.png





Refill Heart Containers (Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom)
Damage: +10% (Age of Calamity)


Any Meat/Poultry + Tabantha Wheat + Goat Butter + Rock Salt (Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom)
6 × Raw Bird Thigh + 6 × Tabantha Wheat + 6 × Goat Butter + 6 × Rock Salt (Age of Calamity)


"You'll need an extra napkin to deal with this juicy pie of perfectly baked minced meat."

— In-game description

A Meat Pie is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom. In Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom Meat Pie can be made in a lit Cooking Pot using meat or poultry together with Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, and Rock Salt. Adding an ingredient with a stat-boosting effect may create a variant with that effect - for instance, using Fleet-Lotus Seeds, Swift Carrot, Rushroom or Swift Violet in addition to the above would create Hasty Meat Pie.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
Raw Meat.png Any type of Meat or Poultry
Tabantha Wheat.png Tabantha Wheat
Goat Butter.png Goat Butter
Rock Salt.png Rock Salt

Age of Calamity

The recipe for Meat Pie is obtained by completing the quest Really New Recipe. Cooking it before a scenario will increase damage dealt by the player's characters by 10% for the duration.

Cooking Ingredients

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