Breath of the Wild Meals

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Meat-skewer.png Meat SkewerA juicy, filling snack made by grilling small chunks of meat on a skewer.
Copious-meat-skewers.png Copious Meat SkewersJust shove a bunch of meat on to a skewer and you're good to go.
Spiced-meat-skewer.png Spiced Meat SkewerA special Goron spice covers up the scent of the meat, allowing its flavor to shine.
Prime-spiced-meat-skewer.png Prime Spiced Meat SkewerThe simple preparation of this steak dish belies its complex taste profile.
Gourmet-spiced-meat-skewer.png Gourmet Spiced Meat SkewerThe rich aroma and juicy texture of this high-quality meat puts it in a league of its own.
Fish-skewer.png Fish SkewerA simple dish made by cooking chunks of fresh fish on a skewer.
Copious-fish-skewers.png Copious Fish SkewersIt's just a whole heap of stuff shoved on to a skewer, but it's still a pretty tasty dish.
Seafood-skewer.png Seafood SkewerThe natural water in this medley of seafaring creatures makes for a delicious broth.
Meat-and-mushroom-skewer.png Meat and Mushroom SkewerA filling dish made by grilling various mountain ingredients with either steak or bird meat.
Fish-and-mushroom-skewer.png Fish and Mushroom SkewerA simple dish made by cooking skewered, fresh fish alongside fragrant mushrooms.
Mushroom-skewer.png Mushroom SkewerThis simple mushroom-packed skewer has its colorful presentation to thank for its appeal.
Copious-mushroom-skewers.png Copious Mushroom SkewersFans of fungal cuisine can't resist this simple mushroom-skewer dish. Very filling.
Fried-wild-greens.png Fried Wild GreensA basic vegetable dish made by sautéing fresh wild plants.
Copious-fried-wild-greens.png Copious Fried Wild GreensA healthy dish made by cooking mixed greens over a strong flame.
Simmered-fruit.png Simmered FruitThis sweet dish is made by heaping tasty fruits into a pan and simmering until tender.
Copious-simmered-fruit.png Copious Simmered FruitThe flavors of the various fruits in this simmered dish exist in perfect harmony.
Fruit-and-mushroom-mix.png Fruit and Mushroom MixThis dish contrasts the sweetness of fruit with the savoriness of mushrooms.
Steamed-meat.png Steamed MeatThis meat dish has been wrapped in fragrant leaves and steamed to preserve its moisture.
Steamed-fish.png Steamed FishA refined dish made by wrapping a fresh fish in fragrant wild greens and cooking it.
Steamed-fruit.png Steamed FruitA regional dish made by steaming near-ripened fruits in the leaves of fragrant plants.
Steamed-mushrooms.png Steamed MushroomsA healthy vegetable dish achieved by steaming mushrooms in plant leaves.
Seafood-rice-balls.png Seafood Rice BallsStuffed with aromatic seafood, the flavor can vary by ingredients but never disappoints.
Meaty-rice-balls.png Meaty Rice BallsThe sweet and spicy meat stuffed into these rice balls will keep you full for some time.
Mushroom-rice-balls.png Mushroom Rice BallsThe aroma of the mushrooms tickles your nose as you peel back the leafy wrapping.
Veggie-rice-balls.png Veggie Rice BallsThis home-style dish of Kakariko Village is stuffed with the bounty of the mountains.
Fragrant-mushroom-sauté.png Fragrant Mushroom SautéThe fragrant aroma of this sautéed spice and mushroom dish makes your mouth water.
Herb-sauté.png Herb SautéA fragrant mixture of herbs and spices. It's easily recognized by its unique aroma.
Curry-rice.png Curry RiceA favorite all over Hyrule, this simple dish has a flavor you just won't get tired of.
Meat-curry.png Meat CurryThe heat from the spice allows you to enjoy the large portion of the meat's savoriness.
Prime-meat-curry.png Prime Meat CurryThe high-quality meat in this curry has given it a deeper taste than most other curries.
Gourmet-meat-curry.png Gourmet Meat CurryThe high-quality meat used in this prized dish satisfies meat and curry lovers alike.
Poultry-curry.png Poultry CurryThe savory meat pairs well with the aroma of spice in this common curry.
Prime-poultry-curry.png Prime Poultry CurryThe secret to this curry's flavor is taking it off the heat while you add the spices.
Gourmet-poultry-curry.png Gourmet Poultry CurryOnce served in Hyrule Castle, the poultry used in this dish is of immensely high quality.
Seafood-curry.png Seafood CurryThis dish brims with treasures from the sea. Its spice packs a kick, so it's not for kids.
Vegetable-curry.png Vegetable CurryThis healthy curry is popular for its mild flavor and moderate spiciness.
Curry-pilaf.png Curry PilafThe goron spice used in this pilaf has given it a rich, spicy aroma.
Poultry-pilaf.png Poultry PilafSautéed Hylian rice steamed in poultry broth. Cook on low heat until the rice is fluffy.
Prime-poultry-pilaf.png Prime Poultry PilafThe rice permeates the savory taste of the poultry in this Gerudo-region favorite.
Gourmet-poultry-pilaf.png Gourmet Poultry PilafMade with the highest-quality poultry, every bite of this pilaf floods your mouth with flavor.
Mushroom-risotto.png Mushroom RisottoThe tantalizing aroma of mushrooms and butter beckons you to the table.
Vegetable-risotto.png Vegetable RisottoThe sweetness of the ingredients gives this risotto a mild flavor.
Salmon-risotto.png Salmon RisottoThe rice used in this rich risotto permeates the light flavor of the salmon.
Crab-risotto.png Crab RisottoAn everyday stable of seaside villages, the secret to its delicious flavor lies in crab fat.
Meat-and-rice-bowl.png Meat and Rice BowlThis dish of rice and lightly seared meat is a mainstay all throughout Hyrule.
Prime-meat-and-rice-bowl.png Prime Meat and Rice BowlThis bowl is loaded with high-quality meat. Your hunt for a serious meal ends here.
Gourmet-meat-and-rice-bowl.png Gourmet Meat and Rice BowlOnly the most carefully selected cuts of high-quality meats go into this dish.
Fried-egg-and-rice.png Fried Egg and RiceThe soft egg yolk pairs well with the fresh rice in this simple dish.
Seafood-fried-rice.png Seafood Fried RiceVarious seafood has been sautéed with rice. The stronger the flame, the tastier the dish!
Seafood-paella.png Seafood PaellaNo fisherman's birthday bash would be complete without this top-shelf seafood dish.
Seafood-meunière.png Seafood MeunièreRich butter flanks fresh seafood. The secret ingredient is lots and lots of love.
Porgy-meunière.png Porgy MeunièrePopular among residents of coastal regions, this juicy porgy is a delish dish.
Hearty-salmon-meunière.png Salmon MeunièreThe crispy skin of this fried hearty salmon puts its texture in a class all its own.
Creamy-meat-soup.png Creamy Meat SoupThis nutritious soup contains serious portions of lightly-braised meat and many vegetables.
Creamy-seafood-soup.png Creamy Seafood SoupThick-cut chunks of seafood and stock provides a satisfying savoriness.
Cream-of-mushroom-soup.png Cream of Mushroom SoupThe creamy mushroom and vegetable soup is so chunky it eats like a meal!
Cream-of-vegetable-soup.png Cream of Vegetable SoupMade by simmering vegetables in milk, this healthy dish is as simple as the ingredients.
Veggie-cream-soup.png Veggie Cream SoupThis creamy soup showcases the sweetness of vegetables in a veritable taste explosion.
Creamy-heart-soup.png Creamy Heart SoupEnjoying this sweet soup with another person will bring you both closer together.
Meat-stew.png Meat StewThe hearty meat in this mainstay dish leaves bellies satisfied all throughout Hyrule.
Prime-meat-stew.png Prime Meat StewLetting the large portions of choice cuts of meat simmer brought out their savoriness.
Gourmet-meat-stew.png Gourmet Meat StewThe meat has simmered for so long it melts in your mouth. A true bucket-list meal!
Hearty-clam-chowder.png Clam ChowderThe nutritional value of hearty blueshell snail combines with butter and milk in a rich soup.
Carrot-stew.png Carrot StewThis simple stew sat simmering for a long time to bring out the sweetness of the carrots.
Pumpkin-stew.png Pumpkin StewSimply simmer a fortified pumpkin to make this dish. A favorite in Kakariko Village.
Crab-stir-fry.png Crab Stir-FryThe Goron spice used in preparing this crab pairs perfectly with the flavor of the meat.
Meat-and-seafood-fry.png Meat and Seafood FryA filling dish made by cooking fresh seafood and meat together.
Prime-meat-and-seafood-fry.png Prime Meat and Seafood FryThis comfort dish is made with choice cuts of meat and seafood.
Gourmet-meat-and-seafood-fry.png Gourmet Meat and Seafood FryA marriage of the choicest cuts of meat and seafood. As delicious as it is filling!
Spicy-pepper-steak.png Spicy Pepper SteakA dish made by cooking meat in crushed peppers, suppressing the gamy taste while accentuating its flavor.
Pepper-seafood.png Pepper SeafoodThe pepper seeds grilled with this seafood draw out its taste and pleasant aroma.
Salt-grilled-meat.png Salt-Grilled MeatShort on ingredients? Just rub some meat in salt and cook it for a simple, tasty dish.
Salt-grilled-prime-meat.png Salt-Grilled Prime MeatA simple yet exquisite dish made by grilling high-quality meat on top of rock salt.
Salt-grilled-gourmet-meat.png Salt-Grilled Gourmet MeatThis lavish grilled dish makes liberal use of high-quality cuts of meat.
Salt-grilled-fish.png Salt-Grilled FishA simple dish made by rolling a whole fish in natural rock salt before grilling it.
Salt-grilled-crab.png Salt-Grilled CrabNine out of ten fishermen agree: crab is best enjoyed grilled and with just a bit of salt.
Salt-grilled-greens.png Salt-Grilled GreensA health-boosting dish made with leafy greens and a touch of salt.
Salt-grilled-mushrooms.png Salt-Grilled MushroomsA basic mushroom dish made by lightly salting mushrooms and grilling them.
Glazed-meat.png Glazed MeatThe sweetness of the honey permeates the meat, giving it a complex taste profile.
Glazed-seafood.png Glazed SeafoodA seafood dish that you can actually wolf down whole!
Glazed-veggies.png Glazed VeggiesDon't like the taste of vegetables? Simply sauté them in honey for a salty-sweet flavor!
Glazed-mushrooms.png Glazed MushroomsThe honey in this mushroom dish gives it a sweet, complex taste and a savory finish.
Omelet.png OmeletThis simple dish is common all over Hyrule. Simply fry egg until it's nice and plump.
Vegetable-omelet.png Vegetable OmeletThis home-style dish mixes fluffy eggs with chopped vegetables for nutritional balance.
Mushroom-omelet.png Mushroom OmeletThe fluffy texture of this omelet is one of the great joys of this dish, as well as life.
Crab-omelet-with-rice.png Crab Omelet with RiceThe fluffy crab legs pair perfectly with the rice for a truly scrumptious dish.
Meat-stuffed-pumpkin.png Meat-Stuffed PumpkinThis hollow, meat-filled fortified pumpkin is a local specialty of Kakariko Village.
Meat-pie.png Meat PieYou'll need an extra napkin to deal with this juicy pie of perfectly baked minced meat.
Fish-pie.png Fish PieA mainstay in any fisherman's home, the crisp crust pairs well with the fishy flavor.
Sautéed-peppers.png Spicy Sautéed PeppersThe spiciness of these sautéed peppers has been broken by the heat for a sweeter taste.
Sautéed-nuts.png Sautéed NutsThese sautéed tree seeds are the perfect snack for the busy adventurer on the go!
Wheat-bread.png Wheat BreadMade with wheat from the Tabantha region, this soft, springy bread smells just heavenly.


Fruitcake.png FruitcakeMaking ample use of fruits found all over Hyrule, this cake is a must for celebrations.
Carrot-cake.png Carrot CakeEven those who don't like carrots tend to enjoy the mild sweetness of this cake.
Nutcake.png NutcakeForest nuts give this cake a pleasant texture and a simple, understated sweetness.
Fruit-pie.png Fruit PieA celebration isn't a celebration until this fruit-filled crust hits the table!
Apple-pie.png Apple PieThe crispy, flaky pie crust and sweet apples are a match made in heaven.
Pumpkin-pie.png Pumpkin PieThe intense sweetness of fortified pumpkins makes this dessert popular among children.
Plain-crepe.png Plain CrepeThe simplicity of this dish lets the flavor of its ingredients shine.
Honey-crepe.png Honey CrepeHoney has been drizzled over thin crepes to bring out their natural sweetness and flavor.
Wildberry-crepe.png Wildberry CrepeSweet, tart wildberries are folded into thin, springy dough to make this dessert.
Hot-buttered-apple.png Hot Buttered AppleThe apple's sweetness has been enhanced by smothering it with butter and baking it.
Honeyed-apple.png Honeyed AppleA juicy sweet-and-sour dish combining newly ripened apples with honey.
Honeyed-fruits.png Honeyed FruitsA dish that combines the thick sweetness of honey with the acidity of sour fruits.
Fried-bananas.png Fried BananasChildren love fried mighty bananas. The trick is frying them over very high heat.
Egg-pudding.png Egg PuddingMade by cooking eggs and milk in a special mold, its soft texture melts in your mouth.
Egg-tart.png Egg TartYou'll know this simple dessert is done baking when it smells just delightful.
Honey-candy.png Honey CandyA natural sweet, brimming with nutrition and made by stewing fresh honey.
Warm-milk.png Warm MilkMake this by heating up some milk. Drink it before bed to ensure a good night's sleep.


Monster-cake.png Monster CakeIt's said that once you have a taste of this cake, you'll never forget its sweetness.
Monster-curry.png Monster CurryThis unusual take on curry uses monster extract and doesn't rely on spices.
Monster-rice-balls.png Monster Rice BallsRice balls flavored with monster extract. Their unique aroma is not for everyone.
Monster-soup.png Monster SoupUsing monster extract as a base, this soup's distinct gaminess is either loved or hated.
Monster-stew.png Monster StewMeat and seafood simmered in monster extract. A savory dish despite its ingredients.
Dubious-food.png Dubious FoodIt's too gross to even look at. A bizarre smell issues forth from this heap. Eating it won't hurt you though...probably.
Rock-hard-food.png Rock-Hard FoodA dish gone awry after adding the wrong ingredient. Chewing your way through this won't be fun, but it will fill you up when you're between a rock and a hard place.