Enduring Meat Pie

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"Restores and overfills your Stamina Wheel. You'll need an extra napkin to deal with this juicy pie of perfectly baked minced meat."

— In-Game Description

Enduring Meat Pie is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

When eaten, Enduring Meat Pie refills the Stamina Wheel & adds extra Temporary Stamina on top, in addition to restoring a variable number of hearts. Cooking under a Blood Moon may increase this effect.

It can be made in a lit Cooking Pot using an Endura Carrot or Endura Shroom, Tabantha Wheat, Rock Salt, Goat Butter and any meat or poultry (Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, Raw Gourmet Meat, Raw Bird Drumstick, Raw Bird Thigh or Raw Whole Bird). As a dish with five ingredients, it cannot be further varied.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
Endura Carrot.png Endura Carrot
Endura Shroom.png Endura Shroom
Raw Prime Meat.png Any Meat or Poultry
Tabantha Wheat.png Tabantha Wheat
Goat Butter.png Goat Butter
Rock Salt.png Rock Salt

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