Enduring Prime Meat Stew

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"Restores and overfills your Stamina Wheel. Letting the large portions of choice cuts of meat simmer brought out their savoriness."

— In-Game Description

Enduring Prime Meat Stew is a Meal in Breath of the Wild and a variant of the Prime Meat Stew. It can be cooked over a Cooking Pot, and requires specific ingredients to make.

With the addition of an Endura Shroom or Endura Carrot, the prime meat stew will become enduring. This will give it the ability to not only fill up Link's Stamina Wheel, but to also temporarily overfill it. A small yellow wheel will appear alongside the green stamina wheel and it will remain there until Link uses that stamina.

If Link uses Raw Meat or a Raw Bird Drumstick as an alternative meat, Link will cook Enduring Meat Stew. Alternatively, if Link uses Raw Gourmet Meat or a Raw Whole Bird as an alternative meat, Link will cook Enduring Gourmet Meat Stew. Due to the larger meat quantities, the prime meat stew will usually refill more of Link's health than the standard meat stew. The gourmet meat stew will fill up the most health. However, a random factor comes into play and occasionally a meal will output 50% more health.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Icons Quantity
Raw Bird Thigh.png
Raw Prime Meat.png
Tabantha Wheat.png
Goat Butter.png
Fresh Milk.png
Endura Shroom.png
Endura Carrot.png

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