Noble Pursuit

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Noble Pursuit
Noble Pursuit - HWAoC.png
Icon from Age of Calamity


3 × Palm Fruit + 3 × Hydromelon + 3 × Voltfruit + 3 × Rock Salt (Age of Calamity)





Damage: +7% (Age of Calamity)


Noble Pursuit is an adult beverage served in The Noble Canteen in Breath of the Wild. Zelda's party learn to make a "mocktail" version of it in Age of Calamity.


Breath of the Wild

Furosa serving Pokki some Noble Pursuit.

The Noble Pursuit is the signature cocktail available at The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town. It is an adult beverage that Furosa sells, attracting many of the Gerudo to make daily visits to the bar.

The Perfect Drink

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As part of The Perfect Drink shrine quest, Link will meet with Pokki outside the Misae Suma Shrine. She has collapsed on the pedestal and wants one more sip of some Noble Pursuit. Link will then need to speak with Furosa at the Noble Canteen. Furosa needs some more ice in order to make some Noble Pursuit. She will task Link with visiting the Northern Icehouse to meet with Anche so that she can bring over some ice. After successfully carrying the ice across the ruins, Furosa will be able to create some more Noble Pursuit.

Link can return to Pokki to give her the good news. She will get up and run back towards Gerudo Town to drink some Noble Pursuit. This will give Link access to the shrine, completing the shrine quest.

Age of Calamity

"The Noble Canteen's most famous drink...or an iced tropical-juice mixture that does it justice."

Age of Calamity in-game description

The recipe for Noble Pursuit is obtained by completing the Chapter 2 scenario Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief. Using it for a scenario increases damage dealt by 7%.

The in-game quote references that it is only a "tropical-juice mixture that does [the original] justice", not the actual adult beverage served in The Noble Canteen.

Cooking Ingredients