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Nali (roommate)
Deltan (roommate)

Pritana is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Pritana is a Gerudo who lives in Gerudo Town with her friend Nali. Pritana wakes up each morning at 10am before then heading to the main part of town. She's a bit groggy and asks Link not to talk too loud as she has an awful headache.[1] This is due to her being out all night at The Noble Canteen drinking.

During the afternoon and into the early evening, Pritana will chat with her friend Nali about how Riju's Thunder Helm was stolen. Nali mentions that the helmet was once Lady Urbosa's and it has been passed down from chief to chief for generations.[2][3][4] They believe that the Yiga Clan, a group of professional assassins, stole the heirloom.[5] This is why the Barracks has been a bit noisier than usual.[6]

After 7pm, Pritana will head to The Noble Canteen to get a drink. On her way, she tells Link that it gets quite cold outside at nighttime. While Gerudo Town itself will stay warm, if he leaves, it will be too cold and Link could get sick. She recommends Link wear a Warm Doublet or rest in the hotel until morning.[7] When she arrives at the bar, she questions whether Link is old enough to be drinking.[8][9] After Link responds that he's over 100 years old, she laughs at him and tells him that they can have a drink together when Link is older.[10]

After spending all night at the bar, Pritana will head on home at 5am to go to bed. She will be dancing when Link tries talking to her. She had so much to drink that she doesn't remember who Link is.[11]


  1. Sav'otta... Sorry, but can you please keep it down? I've got an awful headache... - Pritana
  2. Good grief... I can't believe the chief's heirloom was stolen by thieves... - Pritana
  3. Oh, the helmet that was supposed to be Lady Urbosa's favorite, right? It's been handed down from chief to chief for generations. Apparently the chief is pretty distressed. - Nali
  4. She's still so small, too... Poor thing... - Pritana
  5. They have an idea of who committed the theft, but the thieves aren't amateurs... I heard they're professional assassins. - Nali
  6. That explains why the barracks have been noisier than usual. - Pritana
  7. The desert gets pretty cold at night, you know... You'll be fine dressed like that in town, but if you go outside the walls, you'll catch a cold or worse, for sure! If you don't have a warm doublet, you'd better rest at a hotel until morning. - Pritana
  8. You definitely don't look old enough to drink here yet... How old are you, really? - Pritana
  9. These drinks are for adults, got it? - Pritana
  10. ... AH HA HA! What a funny vai you are! When you're older, let's have a drink together! - Pritana
  11. Oh? Who are you again? I might well know you, but then again... Maybe not! I've had fun drinking today, too! I've got to do this again tomorrow! - Pritana