The Perfect Drink

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The Perfect Drink



Speak with Pokki outside the Misae Suma Shrine


Bring ice from the Northern Icehouse to The Noble Canteen


The Perfect Drink is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

At the southeast end of the Gerudo Desert, Link will find the East Barrens. At the west side of the barrens, Link will be able to locate a shrine. Once he comes near, he'll find that a Gerudo named Pokki has collapsed on top of the pedestal used to activate the Shrine. Link can speak with her and she realizes she is dehydrated and wants some Noble Pursuit.[1] This will begin the shrine quest. If Link has the Travel Medallion, it is recommended to use it here to allow for quick warping later on.


Make your way over to The Noble Canteen, located at the north end of Gerudo Town. Speak with the owner Furosa and ask about some Noble Pursuit. Furosa does not have any ice, so she is unable to make any Noble Pursuit. She will task Link with getting some ice from the Northern Icehouse to the north. During the daytime she will find Anche, a Gerudo who guards the icehouse. Link will need to carefully carry the ice across the ruins towards Gerudo Town.[2]

There are numbers Fire-Breath Lizalfos along the path, which can prove deadly for the ice. It is recommended that before speaking with Anche, Link should defeat all the Lizalfos along the path. Even after talking with Anche though, several Bokoblin will appear. While walking across the ruins, the ice will melt faster when Link is in the sun, where as it will melt much slower when Link is in the shade. Carefully navigate across the ruins where you will find Furosa at the end of the path.[3]

After successfully bringing the ice over, Furosa will task you in returning to Pokki and letting her know that Noble Pursuit will be available at the bar.[4] Return to Misae Suma Shrine and speak with Pokki. Just hearing the words best Noble Pursuit will cause her to run off back to Gerudo Town, completing the quest.[5] This will give Link access to the shrine.

Misae Suma Shrine

Main article: Misae Suma Shrine

The shrine itself is just a blessing shrine. Open the treasure chest to get a Diamond. Make your way up to the altar and speak with Misae Suma to get the Spirit Orb.


Adventure Log

Step Description
A Gerudo named Pokki has collapsed in front of the ancient shrine. You'll have to find a way to revive her if you want to get inside. She was barely coherent, but it sounded like she was muttering about wanting to drink something called Noble Pursuit.
Noble Pursuit is a famous drink from the Gerudo canteen. Unfortunately, it can't be made right now because they're all out of ice.

You'll need to go to the icehouse north of Gerudo Town and ask Anche to give you some ice. You can only get Anche's help while it's bright out, though.
You got Anche to give you some ice!

You now have to carry the ice back to Furosa, who waits at the exit of the ruins north of town. With the blazing heat of the desert, it'll be a challenge to get back without the ice melting.
You delivered the ice to the owner of the canteen.

She's now able to make ice-cold Noble Pursuits. She's asked that you go back to Pokki and let her know that a drink is waiting for her. Pokki had collapsed in front of the shine.
When you told Pokki about the ice-cold Noble Pursuit, she flew off in the direction of the Gerudo canteen.

You can enter the shrine anytime you want.


  1. I'd just found the shrine too... Ugh, my throat... It's so dry... I can't move a muscle... If this really is the end... I wish I could have one last taste... One sip... One sip of an ice-cold Noble Pursuit... - Pokki
  2. I see... Well, if Furosa wants ice, then you should bring her some. You're permitted to take some ice. You've taken the heat into account, right? If you move too slowly, the ice will surely melt. Furosa has no use for water... - Anche
  3. Heeey! Over here! This way! Bring the ice over here! - Furosa
  4. Whoa. No doubt about it, that's definitely ice from the icehouse. I'll be able to make a Noble Pursuit with this. It may be the best I've ever made... I've got one more favor to ask. Could you go and let Pokki know? Just tell her the best drink ever is waiting for her... What? No, of course this will work. Knowing her, if she hears a delicious drink is waiting, she'll come running. - Furosa
  5. Did you say "best Noble Pursuit ever"? Pfft, I am GONE! - Pokki