Missing in Action

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Missing in Action



Speak to Sesami at the Gerudo Canyon Stable


Find Sesami's (4) friends


Missing in Action is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Sesami at Gerudo Canyon Stable to start the quest, and set the quest as the active marker.


Make your way over to the marked area, near Koukot Plateau. Next to a torch in the area, Link will be able to climb up the wooden walkways. Here he will find a bunch of Blue Bokoblin who are attacking four of Sesami's friends. Three of the friends are all in the nearby area, with the fourth also on the wooden walkways, but a bit to the south.

After rescuing Oliff, Flaxel, Canolo, and Palme, return to the Gerudo Canyon Stable. Speak with Sesami and he will reward Link with a Gold Rupee.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Sesami and his friends ran afoul of monsters near the roads at Koukot Plateau. Sesami ran for his life, but his friends vanished into thin air.

Sesami was traveling with four friends. Find them quickly and put him at ease.
You rescued Sesami's friends, who were surrounded by monsters and unable to move.

Hurry back to the Gerudo Canyon Stable and tell Sesami.
You saved all four of Sesami's friends, who had been pinned down by monsters and unable to move. And so, the curtain closes on the case of the Gerudo Canyon disappearances.