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Sesami (Friend)
Oliff (Friend)
Flaxel (Friend)
Palme (Friend)

Canolo is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Canolo a traveler who sticks together with his four friends, Sesami, Oliff, Flaxel, and Palme. Initially she gets attacked by some Blue Bokoblin, along with several of her friends near the Koukot Plateau. However, after she is rescued, she will appear at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. She remains there resting by the Cooking Pot, stating that adventuring just isn't for her. She's going to head back home once she's ready.[1]

Missing in Action

Main article: Missing in Action

Link can speak with Sesami over at the Gerudo Canyon Stable to begin the Missing in Action quest. His four friends, including Canolo, were jumped by monsters near the Koukot Plateau. Sesami was able to escape and run to the stable, but his four friends weren't able to make it.[2] Sesami will task Link with finding his four friends and letting them know he's at the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

Near a torch by the road, just north of the Koukot Plateau, Link is able to climb up some of the wooden planks. Here he will find Canolo being attacked by a Blue Bokoblin. After Link saves Canolo, she is at first confused on how she was saved.[3] She is quite upset with Sesami, who just left her and her friends for dead after the Bokoblins attacked.[4]

Canolo will then appear at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. After Link has saved Oliff, Flaxel, and Palme, Link can speak with Sesami once again to complete the quest. The five of them each pitched in to give Link a Gold Rupee. After Link leaves the stable, Canolo and her friends will all leave the stable as well, with the exception of Sesami.



  1. If you hadn't come along... *shudder* Thanks for saving me. I had no idea traveling was so dangerous. There was nothing like this in the travel guidebook... I guess you can't assume to know anything until you experience it for yourself. But at least I've figured out that traveling isn't my thing. I'm going to rest here awhile and then head back home. I get the feeling that going home isn't an option for you, so take care of yourself out there. - Canolo
  2. I don't know... We were all walking together when some monsters suddenly jumped us near the Koukot Plateau path. I took off running and didn't stop until I got here. I thought my friends were right behind me, but when I turned around, they were nowhere to be found. You don't think the monsters could have... No, they're fine. They'll be back any second now. Hey, if you happen to run into any of my friends on the road, please let them know Sesami is waiting for them here. - Sesami
  3. Wait... Am I...saved? - Canolo
  4. At least I'm safe now. No thanks to Sesami. As soon as the monsters showed up, he ran away as fast as he could and left us for dead. Who does that? Especially to a girl! He's at the Gerudo Canyon Stable? If he thinks I'm going to forgive him for this, he's got another thing coming! - Canolo