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Breath of the Wild
Koukot Plateau
Gerudo Canyon Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
Hyrule Castle Town Ruins


Sesami (Friend)
Canolo (Friend)
Flaxel (Friend)
Palme (Friend)

Oliff is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Oliff a traveler who sticks together with his four friends, Sesami, Canolo, Flaxel, and Palme. Oliff is a fighter and wields a Fisherman's Shield along with a Traveler's Sword. Initially he gets attacked by some Blue Bokoblin, along with several of his friends near the Koukot Plateau. However, after he is rescued, he will appear at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. He can be found leaning up against some equipment, near a Cooking Pot. When spoken to, he will comment on Link reminds him of the tales that he has heard of the legendary hero from 100 years ago who saved Hyrule during the Great Calamity.[1] Of course Oliff doesn't know that the legend he is referring to is actually the same Link that in fact saved him.

Missing in Action

Main article: Missing in Action

Link can speak with Sesami over at the Gerudo Canyon Stable to begin the Missing in Action quest. His four friends, including Oliff, were jumped by monsters near the Koukot Plateau. Sesami was able to escape and run to the stable, but his four friends weren't able to make it.[2] Sesami will task Link with finding his four friends and letting them know he's at the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

Near a torch by the road, just north of the Koukot Plateau, Link is able to climb up some of the wooden planks. Here he will find Oliff being attacked by a pair of Blue Bokoblin. After he is saved by Link, Oliff will thank him while also complementing his form. He is very impressed with Link's fighting skills. He states that he himself is a decent fighter, but that he was caught off guard when traveling with his friends and that the monsters vastly outnumbered them.[3] After hearing that Sesami is waiting for him, he will run off towards the Gerudo Canyon Stable.[4]

Oliff will then appear at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. After Link has saved Canolo, Flaxel, and Palme, Link can speak with Sesami once again to complete the quest. The five of them each pitched in to give Link a Gold Rupee. After Link leaves the stable, Oliff and his friends will all leave the stable as well, with the exception of Sesami.

Tears of the Kingdom

Early in the game, Oliff can be found at the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins, looking out towards Hyrule Castle. He suggests that Link visit Captain Hoz, closer to Hyrule Castle.



  1. Your swordsmanship... It was something straight from the tales of the legendary hero said to have saved Hyrule during the Great Calamity! Those dusty old legends are a hundred years old, but here you are in the flesh! A modern-day hero! *ahem...* Excused me for prattling on. I'll take my leave now. Thank you again. - Oliff
  2. I don't know... We were all walking together when some monsters suddenly jumped us near the Koukot Plateau path. I took off running and didn't stop until I got here. I thought my friends were right behind me, but when I turned around, they were nowhere to be found. You don't think the monsters could have... No, they're fine. They'll be back any second now. Hey, if you happen to run into any of my friends on the road, please let them know Sesami is waiting for them here. - Sesami
  3. Wh-what wonderful form! I've never seen anyone fight like that! My name is Oliff. I'm a decent fighter, but I was caught off guard while traveling with my friends... The monsters vastly outnumbered us, so I thought it unwise to challenge them. I hate to think what would've happened had you not shown up. By the Goddess, I'm grateful... - Oliff
  4. Sesami is waiting for me? Ah, I'm glad to hear he's safe. I shall hurry off to the Gerudo Canyon Stable where he waits. - Oliff