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Oliff (Friend)
Flaxel (Friend)
Canolo (Friend)
Palme (Friend)

Sesami is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Sesami can be found at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. He is a traveler who sticks together with his four friends, Oliff, Flaxel, Canolo, and Palme.

Sesami will give Link some advice on traveling through the Gerudo Desert. Due to the cold weather at nighttime, he recommends to Link that he should wear some clothing with Cold Resistance. He also tells Link that there are some tough enemies that appear only at nighttime.[1] He wishes that he lad the legendary Master Sword, telling Link that it is rumored to be hidden deep in the Great Hyrule Forest, all the way in the Eldin region.[2] He mentions that a bunch of Fairies live there and that the forest is all twisted, making it hard to navigate. Sesami of course is referring to the Lost Woods.

Sesami can be seen pondering a decision to purchase some materials from Beedle. He wants to buy a Warm Darner, as mixing it with monster parts will produce an elixir that can provide tolerance to cold.[3] However, during the daytime it gets extremely hot, so he's also considering buying a Winterwing Butterfly.[4] They each cost 10 rupees and Sesami only has 19 rupees on him.

Missing in Action

Main article: Missing in Action

When Link first chats with Sesami, he will ask if he has seen any of his friends.[5] The five of them had been traveling near the Koukot Plateau when they were ambushed by monsters. Sesami had took off running and never stopped until he arrived at the stable. He thoughts his buddies were behind him, but they were nowhere to be found. Sesami will task Link with helping find his friends and letting them know he's at the Gerudo Canyon Stable.[6] This will begin the Missing in Action side quest.

Link will find all four of Sesami's friends, just north of the Koukot Plateau. There is lantern near the path, where Link is able to climb up some of the wooden walkways. The entire area is littered with Blue Bokoblin and all four of Sesami's friends are found here. Link can defeat the enemies and save all of Sesami's friends, who will all travel over to the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

After saving all of his friends, Link can return to the stable and speak with Sesami. He is overwhelmed with joy that his friends are save and he will thank Link by giving him a Gold Rupee.[7] All of his friends pitched in for the reward. At the end of the day though, Sesami realizes how important friendship is. That said, he also thinks it is an emotional liability, so his friend have all decided to part ways.[8]

Tears of the Kingdom

Sesami can be found in a tent on Toronbo Beach, south of the Eventide Island Chasm on Eventide Island. He gives the quest Seeking The Pirate Hideout, and rewards a Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn for completing it.



  1. It's starting to get colder... Is this when I'm supposed to go into the desert? It doesn't feel so bad right now, but the desert gets really, really cold at night. You've absolutely got to have clothing that resists the cold weather, or you'll be in serious trouble. Oh, and there are more monsters out at night too. Desert monsters are particularly fierce, I've heard. If only I had that legendary sword... I'm sure I'd be all right then... - Sesami
  2. I'm talking about the legendary sword that's supposedly sleeping in a forest in Hyrule, awaiting its owner's return. I thought it was a pretty well-known story... You've never heard it? Well, anyway... I think it's in the Great Hyrule Forest in the Eldin region. Fairies live there, and someone once told me that if you enter their forest, they'll get you all turned around and confused. If the legendary sword does exist, I'd love to even just get to see it, just once. But I get lost in the woods when there aren't fairies messing with me, so I'd never survive the Great Hyrule Forest... - Sesami
  3. Oh, you came along at just the right moment. So the warm darner this weird guy is selling... I hear that mixing it with monster parts will produce an elixir that can improve your tolerance to cold... Should I buy one? Should I not buy one? ...Such a hard choice. - Sesami
  4. Yeah, but... When the desert gets extremely hot during the day, I'm sure I'll wish I'd bought the winterwing butterfly instead. Also... I only have 19 rupees. - Sesami
  5. Hey, did you happen to see any of my friends? They're four travelers named Oliff, Flaxel, Canolo, and Palme... - Sesami
  6. I don't know... We were all walking together when some monsters suddenly jumped us near the Koukot Plateau path. I took off running and didn't stop until I got here. I thought my friends were right behind me, but when I turned around, they were nowhere to be found. You don't think the monsters could have... No, they're fine. They'll be back any second now. Hey, if you happen to run into any of my friends on the road, please let them know Sesami is waiting for them here. - Sesami
  7. Oh, hey! I've been waiting for you. You saved them! I thought my friends were dead, but you brought them all back to me! I can't thank you enough. My friends said you were outnumbered, but you were still able to take those monsters down with style. As soon as they all got back safely, a wave of emotion washed over me. Thank you. Thank you so much. I want you to have this. - Sesami
  8. Sorry it's so small. Everyone chipped in for it, but we're in the middle of traveling, y'know? In a way, I'm kind of glad all of this happened. It's helped me realize just how important friendship is. Opening up to others might make you more vulnerable, but it's also the only way to give your life any value. That said, caring for others is an emotional liability, so my friends and I have all decided to part ways. Not really sure what the takeaway is here... - Sesami