Lost Woods (Breath of the Wild)

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Lost Woods

Lost Woods is a location in Breath of the Wild. It surrounds the Korok Forest. Most of the woods are off-limits, with only a certain path available for travel. If Link goes off of the proper path, he will become enveloped in the surrounding fog and returned to the woods' entrance.

While the paths through the woods are often marked in different ways (the main way being the direction the fire on the pillars are blowing), you can always navigate the woods by keeping an eye out for banks of fog closing in on Link's position. As soon as you see the fog moving, reverse direction and backtrack a few meters. As long as you are careful, you should have plenty of time to avoid fading completely to white.

If you successfully navigate through the Lost Woods, you will enter the Korok Forest, which contains the Pedestal of Time with the Master Sword, some sidequests, and a shrine.