Deplian Badlands

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The Deplian Badlands are a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Deplian Badlands are found at the far north end of Central Hyrule, north of the Thyphlo Ruins. A dangerous White-Maned Lynel patrols the area, wielding a Savage Lynel Crusher and a Savage Lynel Bow.

There is a variety of wildlife found in the badlands, with various types of sparrows, as well as numerous Maraudo Wolves and Mountain Goats. The area, along with the East Deplian Badlands, are a good place to find Summerwing Butterflies.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Finish the magnetic block puzzle.

Finish the magnetic block puzzle.

Pick up the rock.

Pick up the rock.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Deplian Badlands, along with the West Deplian Badlands and East Deplian Badlands make up the northern edge of Hyrule.

An enemy Bokoblin camp can be found in the area, including a Blue Bokoblin riding on top of a Horse. The camp has several Blue Bokoblin as well as a Blue Boss Bokoblin. The camp has a treasure chest which contains a Knight's Claymore. A second enemy camp can be found on a higher elevation further the to the north, with this one having some Blue Bokoblin and an Aerocuda. The Bokoblin here will wield a Bouncy Bat and Long Stick.

At the east end of the area, where the Korok tent is located, there are some ruins that have fallen. There is a treasure chest here that contains three Lights.

Deplian Badlands Cave

Main article: Deplian Badlands Cave

The Deplian Badlands Cave can be found in the area, along the cliff to the southeast of the region. The cave is filled with Blue Horriblin, Black Horriblin, and an assortment of fire-based enemies, including Fire Keese, Fire Chuchu, and a Fire Like. Two treasure chests in the cave contain a Soldier's-Claymore Stick and a Forest Dweller's Spear.

Deep inside the cave, the Minetak Shrine can be found. This particular shrine is one of Rauru's Blessings and contains a single treasure chest with a Big Battery.

Korok Seeds

  • A Korok can be found northeast of the Thyphlo Ruins, just northeast of the path. He is missing his friend, who can be found well to the west, just north of the trail near the West Deplian Badlands.
  • A Korok can be found in the East Deplian Badlands, west of the Mayak Shrine. Link can carry him over to his friend well to the west, in the Deplian Badlands to get a pair of Koroks.



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