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The Exchange Ruins is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Exchange Ruins are found in Hyrule Field, located north of the Great Plateau and just northeast of the Coliseum Ruins.

There are several treasure chests for Link to collect at the Exchange Ruins. In the building at the southwest part of the ruins there is a chest with a Soldier's Claymore. A second chest can be found in the chest in the nearby water that contains a Purple Rupee. In the building at the north side of the ruins there is a chest with ten Arrows.

Near the center of the ruins there are some sparkling leaves moving around. If Link catches the leaves, he will get a Korok Seed. Another Korok can be found in the small forest to the east after collecting a series of yellow flowers.

Just southwest of the Exchange Ruins there is a large base with some Red Bokoblin, Blue Bokoblin, and Black Bokoblin. At the top of the enemy base there is a wooden chest with five arrows.

EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes

Main article: EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes

As part of the EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes side quest, Link can find Tingle's Hood at the Exchange Ruins. This chest only appears if The Master Trials DLC is loaded into the game file. Misko's EX Journal will point Link to the village ruins where trade once flourished. The treasure chest can be found at the southeast part of the ruins near a pile of a junk. Use Magnesis to more easily spot the treasure chest.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Catch the fairy lights that run around the ruins.

Run up to the fairy lights and Examine them to catch them.

Follow a trail of flowers that starts slightly to the east.

Follow the flower trail. It starts slightly to the east.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Exchange Ruins are found to the southwest of the Windvane Meadow and just northwest of Lake Kolomo. The ruins has a Blue Moblin and a pair of Blue Bokoblin patrolling the area.

There is a treasure chest at the west end of the ruins, tucked away behind two wooden creates. The chest here contains a Red Rupee. There is a second treasure chest, found on the ruins that fell from the sky, just southwest of the shrine. Link will need to use the nearby Stake and Stone Slab, to create a platform and stick the stake into the ruins. This will allow Link to stand near the chest and open it. The chest itself contains a Large Zonai Charge.

There is an enemy camp at the east end of the ruins, with three Blue Bokoblin and a Blue Moblin. Some of hte enemies here holding Fire Fruits and will shoot fire arrows out towards Link. The camp is elevated and surrounded by Spikes, preventing Link from easily climbing. At the east end of the camp, there is a bridge, but it is tied up with rope. Link can shoot an arrow to hit the two ropes at the top of the bridge, causing it drop down, creating a ramp. A wooden chest can be found at the camp, containing an Amber.

Just east of the shrine, Addison can be found at one of the Hudson Sign Locations. Link can use the nearby Stone Slab and a Stake to help hold the sign up. Addison will reward Link with a Red Rupee, some Meaty Rice Balls, and a Puffshroom.

Mayachin Shrine

Main article: Mayachin Shrine

The Mayachin Shrine can be found at the east side of the Exchange Ruins. Titled A Fixed Device, the shrine requires Link to stick a stake into a device to utilize it like a baseball bat.



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