Stone Slab

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Stone Slab
Stone Slab tile - LA93.png




Gives advice


Stone Slabs appear in dungeons in Link's Awakening for the original Game Boy. In the DX version and Nintendo Switch remake of the game, the Stone Slabs were replaced with Owl Statues and the fragments with Stone Beaks.

Link's Awakening (Game Boy)

Stone Slabs are tablets that can be found in each dungeon with useful hints. However, Link must first obtain a Stone Slab Fragment to complete the Stone Slab.

List of Hints

"Turn aside the spined ones with a shield..."

Tail Cave Stone Slab

"First, defeat the imprisoned Pols Voice, Last, Stalfos..."

Bottle Grotto Stone Slab

" Far away... Do not fear, dash and fly!"

Key Cavern Stone Slab

"The glint of the tile will be your guide..."

Angler's Tunnel Stone Slab

"Dive under where torchlight beams do cross..."

Catfish's Maw Stone Slab

"Enter the space where the eyes have walls..."

Face Shrine Stone Slab

"The riddle is solved when the pillars fall!"

Eagle's Tower Stone Slab

"Fill all the holes with the rock that rolls, this (+) is the key!"

Turtle Rock Stone Slab