Washa's Bluff

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Washa's Bluff is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

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Tears of the Kingdom

Washa's Bluff is located southeast of the Tabantha Bridge Stable, just south of the pathway. There is a large enemy base at the north end of the bluff, filled with numerous Bokoblin and a Boss Bokoblin. Inside there are a pair of treasure chests, with one containing an Opal, and the on a higher elevatoin containing five Bomb Flowers.

An Aerocuda can be seen flying around at the south end of the bluff, carrying a Treasure Chest. If Link shoots down the enemy, he can open the chest to get a Sapphire. At the southwest end of the bluff, between the tall mushrooms, there is partially buried treasure chest which contains an Ancient Blade.

Southwest of Washa's Bluff there is a camp of Bokoblin along with a camp of Soldier Constructs that will fight one another when Link draws near. On top of the construct camp, there is a chest that has three Mirrors.



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