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Benny is a character from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Benny is a traveling adventurer who can be found on top of a plateau, at the northeast end of the East Ranch Ruins, which is just southwest of Rebonae Bridge.

The area she is located is at the edge of Hyrule Field and it is a rather dangerous area to be, due to the Guardian Stalkers that are found in the surrounding area. She is very surprised to see Link when he arrives.[1] Benny understands that there are a lot of monsters in the area, making it a very dangerous place to be, but she is out searching for some treasure. Benny purposely tries to climb up to higher vantage points like the plateau, as it gives her a good look around the area.[2]

Benny allows Link to take any of the goods that are around her Cooking Pot which include an Apple and some Hylian Rice. Link can also find some Arrows, a Seared Steak, and a Roasted Bird Drumstick in the wooden creates nearby. Benny invites Link to use the Cooking Pot if he so chooses.[3]


  1. Huh? It really is a rare thing to see another person all the way up here. - Benny
  2. Who am I? As you can see, I am a traveling adventurer, much like yourself. I'm sure our kind are found all over. People rarely come to places like this, so there are lots of monsters. It's really pretty dangerous... But it's all worthwhile when you stumble upon some treasure just lying around! That's why I try to climb up to great vantage points like this! They're swell places for spotting anything suspicious. See that rock over there? You should stand on it and look around-I bet you'll spot something suspicious. - Benny
  3. If you're trying to find something, looking from somewhere high up is the best! Remember that! Oh, I know! To celebrate the good fortune of meeting someone else up here... I invite you to help yourself to any of the cooking ingredients around here! Feel free to use that cooking pot, too! - Benny