Mijah Rokee Shrine

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Mijah Rokee Shrine

Mijah Rokee Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: Under a Red Moon

Talk to Kass to start this quest. He'll be on top of the tall mushroom next to the pedestal. This mushroom will also have a small gazebo where Link can read Kass's Journal.

The goal is to stand on the pedestal during a blood moon, wearing absolutely nothing. No armor, no weapon, no bow, no shield. The pedestal will glow orange when you're eligible to do this. You can either try to pass time until a blood moon happens, or use one of the nearby other shrines as a teleport point and run over here the second a blood moon begins to happen while you go about doing other things. Completing the objective completes the quest and reveals the shrine.

A Modest Test of Strength

Kill the Guardian Scout III wielding a Guardian Sword+ and a Guardian Shield+, open the chest (Frostblade), and head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.

Trivia & Strategies

  • This shrine is unique in the fact that its activation requires circumstances that are completely outside the player's influence, as the blood moon occurs at random intervals. Other similar shrines require either normal sunlight or moonlight, which are considerably more frequent and more readily accessible.
  • Periodic visits to Hino at the Dueling Peaks Stable will provide the player with information on whether the blood moon will occur later that night.
  • Close by teleportation points include Shae Loya Shrine, Sheem Dagoze Shrine, Mogg Latan Shrine and the Ridgeland Tower. None of them provide a particularly direct path to the activating platform due to the geographical features of the region.
  • Camping in the vicinity of the platform to wait for a blood moon does not provide a greater chance of activation.
  • Given the circumstance that the DLC-exclusive Travel Medallion is obtained, the player can place the teleportation point close to the platform when a blood moon happens.
  • If the player happens to be at Hyrule Castle at the moment the blood moon occurs, there will be no previous visual cues to indicate that it will happen until it's relatively too late, as the castle's environment is already speckled with malice wisps similar to the ones that happen when the blood moon is approaching. As such, if the player wants to activate this shrine, they should avoid the castle for the time being.