Shrine Pedestal

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Shrine Pedestal
One of the three Concave Pedestals to activate Tawa Jinn Shrine




Uncovering Shrines
In-Shrine puzzles


Shrine Pedestals are devices in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Shrine Pedestals are used to uncover Shrines in the overworld, and puzzle solving inside the Shrines themselves. Link has to accomplish a task related to the pedestals in order to activate them. The overworld pedestals are usually part of Shrine Quests, and usually glow orange before activation, after which they turn blue. Some pedestals are Sheikah-made, while others are featureless.

Types of Pedestals


Concave Pedestals require the placement of Ancient Orbs in their middle cavity to activate the pedestals. In cases requiring multiple pedestals and orbs, placing an orb at the wrong pedestal may make it disappear and return to its original location, or simply not activate. They may also be featureless and located at the base of statues or pillars. Concave pedestals are also part of in-shrine puzzles, where they are at ground-level.

Shrine Quest Nº of Orbs Shrine
The Seven Heroines(*)(**) 7 Korsh O'hu Shrine
Trial of Thunder(*) 4 Toh Yahsa Shrine
The Three Giant Brothers 3 Tawa Jinn Shrine
Stranded on Eventide 3 Korgu Chideh Shrine
Guardian Slideshow(**) 1 Shoqa Tatone Shrine
Shrouded Shrine 1 Ketoh Wawai Shrine
The Stolen Heirloom(**) 1 Lakna Rokee Shrine
The Undefeated Champ(**) 1 Korsh O'hu Shrine
Into the Vortex(**) 1 Ritaag Zumo Shrine

(*)note: placed at statue base

(**)note: requires previous quest-related prerequisites


Flat Pedestals require Link standing on them under different circumstances, or projecting shadows from the sun or moon on them. Some pedestals are embedded on mountainsides.

Shrine Quest Position Pedestal-specific Condition Shrine
The Ancient Rito Song Ground Place fire on pedestal at specific
time of day
Bareeda Naag Shrine
Recital at Warbler's Nest(*) Ground Blow wind at pillars in order from
Voo Lota Shrine
Under a Red Moon Ground Stand armorless on pedestal
during Blood Moon
Mijah Rokee Shrine
Sign of the Shadow Ground Stand on pedestal at specific time,
shoot arrow above Gerudo Tower
Sasa Kai Shrine
A Fragmented Monument(*) Ground Stand on one of two pedestals Kah Yah Shrine
The Crowned Beast Ground Ride a stag to the pedestal Mezza Lo Shrine
Secret of the Snowy Peaks Cliffside Cast shadow of snowball on center
of pedestal
Suma Sahma Shrine
Cliffside Etchings Cliffside Shoot Shock Arrow at the pedestal Keeha Yoog Shrine
Master of the Wind Ground Paraglide through wind circuit and
land on pedestal
Shai Yota Shrine
The Ceremonial Song Ground
Strike pedestal with ground strike
from a height with either the
Ceremonial or Lightscale Trident
Dagah Keek Shrine
None Ground Place a Luminous Stone on the pedestal Sho Dantu Shrine

(*)note: requires previous quest-related prerequisites; see more details at specific quest pages.