Seven Heroines

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Seven Heroines
Three of the Seven Heroines statues



South of the Gerudo Desert Gateway
Southwest of the Wasteland Tower


The Seven Heroines are objects in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Seven Heroines are massive statues found at the East Gerudo Ruins, just southwest of the Wasteland Tower. They are said to be the divine protectors of the Gerudo. They are massive statues with huge swords stuck in the ground, right in front of them. The statues are placed in a circle, covering eight cardinal directions except the southwest, from which the location can be entered from the desert. Each of the seven heroines hold a different power, with them being skill, spirit, endurance, knowledge, flight, motion, and gentleness.[1]

The Seven Heroines

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The heroines play a part in The Seven Heroines shrine quest, given by Rotana in Gerudo Town. Rotana is trying to decipher the scripture, finding that "When the symbols of the seven find their place, the blessed path will be revealed.".[2][3]

There are seven orbs found around the East Gerudo Ruins and each have a symbol on them. Each of the corresponding heroine has the same symbol and Link must match the orbs with the particular statue. Successfully doing so will cause the Korsh O'hu Shrine to appear, completing the shrine quest.


The Eighth Heroine's position and orientation, compared to the Seven Heroines statues
  • The Seven Heroines, plus the Eighth Heroine, all have Gerudo facial features.
  • The statues may also represent the races of Hyrule.
  • They are all carved out of the surrounding sandstone, while the Eighth is carved out of the redstone of the Gerudo Highlands.
  • Their swords are not part of the statues, and are their own carvings off sandstone.
  • The Eighth Heroine statue (pictured) points to the northeast, which is the direction of the missing statue that would complete the eight.
  • Some of the statues have wooden scaffolds from the ground to their heads, but on various states of disrepair.
  • The statues existed before the Sheikah built the shrines 10,000 years before. It's not known by how long the statues predate the shrines.