The Seven Heroines

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The Seven Heroines



Speak with Rotana at Gerudo Town


Place Orbs in Proper Pedestals of the Seven Heroines statues



The Seven Heroines is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

Link will first need to complete the Forbidden City Entry main quest to gain entrance to Gerudo Town. In one of the homes at the north side of town, Link will find a Gerudo researcher by the name of Rotana. She is an archaeologist and is researching the Seven Heroines. Speaking with her will begin The Seven Heroines shrine quest, with a marker appearing at the East Gerudo Ruins.

Albeit it originates on Gerudo Town, this quest is not a requirement for acquiring The Thunder Helm.

(Note: It's not absolutely necessary to begin the quest to solve the Shrine puzzle)



Travel over to the East Gerudo Ruins, which are located just southwest of the Wasteland Tower. The goal here it to place all of the respective orbs in their proper location at the foot pedestals. Three of the orbs are not in plain sight, and one in particular is a little challenging to reach.

There are seven statues here and they make up a circle, with one missing at the southwest. The statue to the north, or third one overall going clockwise, has an orb on top of it. It's hard to reach, so it's best to get this one first, especially if you are gliding down from the Wasteland Tower. All the other orbs are either on the ground or buried in the sand. Using Magnesis will easily spot most of the orbs.

Each of the seven statues has a symbol on them which corresponds to one of the orbs. Sometimes the symbol is behind the statue, at the very top, or somewhere in between. You can find the pictures, but the correct is as follows, going to clockwise order.

  1. Red (apostrophe or comma)
  2. Orange Λ (lambda)
  3. Yellow O (circle)
  4. Grey : (colon)
  5. Green ʃ (scroll, integral, or esh)
  6. Blue flame
  7. Purple (pause button) (already done for you)

Note: If you encounter a glitch where one of the orbs has disappeared, simply teleporting away, and returning, will fix it. Once all the orbs are in place, the Korsh O'hu Shrine will appear.

Korsh O'hu Shrine

Main article: Korsh O'hu Shrine

The shrine itself is just a blessing shrine. Open the chest here to get a Flamespear and then head to the altar to meet Korsh O'hu and get a Spirit Orb.


Adventure Log

Step Description
There are statues of the seven heroines east of Gerudo Town. They may have something to do with the location of a hidden shrine.

First, solve the meaning behind the message: "When the symbols of the seven find their place, the blessed path will be revealed."
"When the symbols of the seven find their place, the blessed path will be revealed."

The ancient shrine appeared after you matched the symbols on the orbs with the symbols of the seven heroines.