A Parent's Love

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A Parent's Love



From the Ground Up Side Quest



Bake a Monster Cake for Hunnie


Gold Rupee

A Parent's Love is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


To start this quest, wait outside the open window at the southern side of the southernmost house in Tarrey Town until Hagie shows up (around 9 p.m to 5 a.m.), and listen to the conversation between Ruli and Hagie.


The rarest ingredient is going to be Monster Extract, sold by Kilton. If you have not unlocked Kilton's store yet, head to the west island in Skull Lake, at night. Tell him you adore monsters and stuff until he travels off to begin his store. You can now find him outside pretty much every village or town. Meet up with him again and buy the Monster Extract. (Note: You will have to exchange monster parts for Mon first, but the extract is very cheap.)

Once you have the Monster Extract, you need Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter and Cane Sugar, all of which are conveniently sold in Rito Village, and there is a Cooking Pot to cook them together, too.

Return to Ruli and give her the cake. Return to her one more time to complete the quest and get a gold rupee.

Quest Description

Active Quest

You overheard a fight between Hagie and Ruli, husband and wife. Their daughter Hunnie is sick and won't get better if she doesn't eat. But the thing is, the only food she has an appetite for is cake, and finding a particular cake to please her has proven impossible. Ruli is at her wit's end, ready to even trade her soul to a monster if it means finding a cake her daughter will eat.

Where are you going to find a suitable cake?

Updated Quest

You gave Ruli a monster cake!

Her sick daughter, Hunnie, who has not had an appetite for anything but cake lately, was able to eat it.

Check in with Ruli to find out how Hunnie is doing.

Completed Quest

You were generously rewarded for giving Ruli a monster cake.

Her daughter Hunnie seems to have made a full recovery, well enough even to play outside again.